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Bethesda Terrace is one of my favorite places to photograph couples during their engagement session or after their wedding ceremony before the wedding reception and even the day after the wedding for bridal portrait sessions. I was born and raised in Queens, New York and train rides and bike rides into Manhattan and central park were very much a part of growing up in New York City. In 1998 I moved to South Florida and in 2008, I founded Couture Bridal Photography. Since starting Couture Bridal Photography, we have become well known throughout the United States for our distinct wedding photography style. One of our favorite places to photograph weddings is New York City and Long Island New York. Bethesda Terrace is a beautiful location for any type of photography with a variety of locations within a short distance to create completely unique and different kinds of photography with different backgrounds. Bethesda Terrace and Fountain form the northern end of the Central Park Mall are the only formal features in the park's original blueprint, known as the Greensward Plan. Construction began on the terrace and fountain during the American Civil War. The only other structures besides the Bethesda Terrace were completed during the Civil War, were the Music Stand and the Casino restaurant, both which ended up being demolished. Towards the end of 1861, construction of Bethesda Terrace was in full swing. Much of the stonework being installed in the terrace arrived in sometime in1862, and the masonry of the fountain was installed by the end of 1863. In 1864, the stonework of Bethesda Terrace was completed except for small details. The Central Park commission hired a sculptor to design the figures for Bethesda Fountain. The upper level of Bethesda Terrace was mostly complete in 1867 along with the Fountain's figures were being cast in bronze. The Bethesda Fountain was officially completed in 1873. Bethesda Terrace.