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Couture Bridal Photography is Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer

Couture Bridal Photography is owned by Alfredo Valentine. Alfredo Valentine is the principal photographer and has a talented team of professional Puerto Rico wedding photographers to handle any wedding in San Juan, Rincon, Ponce, Fajardo, Cabo Rojo or anywhere in Puerto Rico, Vieques, Culebra or US. Virgin Islands. We are among the best Puerto Rico wedding photographers providing wedding photography in the Caribbean, and based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida to add piece of mind.

Having a mainland photographer allows for piece of mind that you will receive your services, and if there are any issues they can easily be resolved personally, and/or legally. Most Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers are honest hardworking, and talented issues, but with a destination wedding this is a little less stress during the planning and actual wedding day.

Who will be photographing your wedding in Old San Juan, Ponce, Rincon, Fajardo, Ponce, Vieques, Culebra or US Virgin Islands?


Here are a few things to consider when choosing from Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers.

A Wedding photographers personality

When choosing from all the Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers its important to meet with them and discuss your wedding plans, and your vision of your big day. You want to get to know your Puerto Rico Wedding photographers and choose the one you get along with best and who you'll be comfortable with throughout your day. Your Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers are going to be with you the most throughout the day capturing your story as is happens, and you should feel very comfortable with them as you go throughout your day and in your interactions with family and friends.


Destination Wedding Photography pricing

The investment you make to cover your wedding day will vary greatly among Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers depending on how many hours of coverage you choose. The prices Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers charge for wedding coverage start from $2,000.00 all the way to $10,000 depending on the options or packages you choose. The pricing Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers charge is based on years of experience, their perceived value, and their operational overhead.

Typically Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers that operate out of studios charge more, as their operational costs are higher. Couture Bridal Photography operates out of Alfredo Valentine's home and he meets with clients by appointment there to display his photography prints, GraphiStudio Photo books and slide show presentations or via Skype. This very personalized in-home service makes Couture Bridal Photography the best value among Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers, since you're not paying more to cover Couture Bridal Photography's operational costs for a separate business location.


How many wedding photographers for a Puerto Rico wedding?

Most weddings require at least 2 wedding photographers for appropriate coverage. You want your Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers to be able to provide 2nd and even 3rd photographers to make sure every aspect and detail of your wedding is captured. Of course this depends on the size and number of people attending and participating in your bridal party. Couture Bridal Photography is among the few Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers that has 3 photographers available for either one event or multiple events if there are multiple requests for our services on one given day. Couture Bridal Photography does not count assistants as additional photographers like many other Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers do, and we provide assistants for each photographer.

How much wedding photography coverage for my Puerto Rico wedding?

Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers offer various coverage options. Make sure that the Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers you choose offer the amount of coverage you will need to cover your day. Most brides chose to have their whole day covered, so that no detail or moment is missed. Many Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers offer really low pricing for their coverage, but don't offer enough time at those low rates. Make sure they offer the average wedding coverage from 8-10 hours, which is the average time needed to cover a complete wedding day.

Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers will offer more time if you request it but at a really high additional rate. We at Couture Bridal Photography make sure we plan your wedding day way in advance and perform a walk through prior to the wedding day, so that you get the coverage you need for your specific wedding. Couture Bridal Photography also won't penalize you if you need more time, we charge additional time based on the original rate of coverage unlike other Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers who charge an overtime fee.


Wedding albums for my destination wedding photos

Couture Bridal Photography is one of the few Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers that offer GraphiStudio photo books. GraphiStudio photo books are known around the world at the finest books with the most cover and paper options and the finest leathers and materials. GraphiStudio photo books are hand made in Arba, Italy by Italian Artisans, and the books carry lifetime warranties. Additionally, GraphiStudio only chooses the best photographers to design and sell their products, making Couture Bridal Photography one of the very few Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers to carry that distinction. Couture Bridal Photography is an exclusive partner with GraphiStudio and are the only photo books we sell.

Many Puerto Rico Photographers sell photo books, but they sell lower quality books at high prices. These books are inferior to GraphiStudio books and although the look nice a closer look at the materials and craftsmanship vs. that of a GraphiStudio book can be easily seen. This is another way to distinguish between artistic, creative and professional photographers among Puerto Rico Wedding photographers to make sure you have the best experience, best photography, and value for your investment on your wedding day.


Hire us for your Puerto Rico destination wedding!

Couture Bridal Photography is a professional Puerto Rico Wedding Photography business with the desire and ability to please their clients. We don't have hidden costs and all our wedding photography coverage time and rates are design and thought out to provide you with what you want and how you want it.

We also add value to your investment by providing beautiful GraphiStudio photo books in every wedding photography package, so that you can display your wedding day story for generations to follow. We are also proud to offer among the best rates and business practices among Puerto Rico Wedding Photographers and provide you with a stress free fun experience on your wedding day.

Couture Bridal Photography has been in operation from 2009 and provides wedding photography services throughout the United State, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Europe. Special rates apply for destination wedding photography services in Puerto Rico.

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