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10 items to complete on this wedding planning check list :

  1. Before deciding on a wedding date research sunset and historical rain records. This gives you a good idea for the possibility of rain and the most appropriate ceremony times.
  2. Work on a guest list so you have a better idea of what kind of venue size you need and head count for easier budgeting.
  3. Start researching and booking vendor immediately since most get booked a year in a advance. Also consider booking early may lead to special savings.
  4. Book your hair and makeup in advance and make sure your clear on where the hair and makeup application will take place.
  5. Book a planner or wedding coordinator to help you organize all your wedding details and create a flexible timeline. Another good source for a timeline is your wedding photographer
  6. Book decent sized hotel rooms or bridal suites for the best getting ready images possible and keep clutter to a minimum. A wedding day story starts during the time the bride and groom are getting prepared for their ceremony.
  7. Really go out of your way to hire a DJ that works with an MC. A solo DJ works, but to get everyone off their cell phones and on the dance floor takes someone to engage your guests and keep the vibe going.
  8. Make sure your bridal party is early to get ready for make up and so on, since they may run late causing everything to get backed up which increases stress.
  9. Make sure your venue feeds your vendors when everyone else is served. No one wants their photos taken while chewing and we need to eat during a long wedding day. It makes more sense that your vendors get fed when you do, so we don't miss anything when the party starts!
  10. Hydrate and eat something before the ceremony to avoid passing out from stress, dehydration or heat stress. There is nothing more scary than a bride or groom passing out because they went out the night before drinking and are running on an empty stomach and dehydrated.

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