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Couture Bridal Photography have become specialists in Indian wedding photography in Florida. It began with one Indian wedding several years ago and from there it kind of just took off. Now we're known as the premiere Indian wedding photography studio in Florida and southern United States. We appreciate being accepted by the Indian community and the honor of capturing some of the most elaborate, grand, and beautiful cultural weddings in the world, Indian Weddings.

Types of Indian Weddings & Traditions

We photograph a variety of Indian weddings, from Hindu Weddings to Sikh Weddings and others. As time has passed we learned the many nuances of various Indian wedding ceremonies and the different things to anticipate. We're experienced at knowing which camera angles to capture and we’ve identified many of the most important wedding events for each of the Indian wedding ceremonies. As Indian Wedding Photography specialist, we make sure to capture every important moment, making both the couple and their families happy with their wedding photos, wedding albums and wall art.

Special Pricing for Indian Weddings & Events

As Indian Wedding Photography specialists, we understand Indian weddings require special pricing and packages, as most Indian weddings are multi-day events with many having multiple locations. We can create special wedding photography packages catered to your Indian wedding that include coverage for Mehndi Parties, Sangeets and the wedding day. If you need additional coverage for other wedding or pre-wedding events, we have special hourly rates for any other Indian wedding ceremonies and events as well. Contact us here for more info.

Our Creative Photography Style for Indian Weddings

Beyond photographing the most important wedding day moments, we place a big emphasis on photographing them with creativity in mind. We’re always searching for reflections, interesting foregrounds and backgrounds, idea lighting and interesting compositions in our photography that also tell a story. Our unique approach to photographing weddings and our distinct post production style allows us to create spectacular photos during your Indian wedding.

The Vibrant Colors of An Indian Wedding

A huge part of our success photographing Indian Weddings is our style of photography and editing captures all of the vibrant colors found during the course of an Indian wedding. Our style of photography and editing is to use vibrant coloring and avoiding desaturated looks, unless a specific scene or image calls for it. Our photo editing style brings out the depth, saturation and dynamic range of colors in the photos we take. We use all of the resources, photographic tools, and years knowledge to capture all of the amazing action, colors, and emotions at your Indian wedding. We’ve even developed our own unique style of post production Lightroom Presets that provide consistently incredible signature images for our clients.

Photography for the Baraat

The Baraat is our favorite part of an Indian Wedding. The fun, excitement and anticipation mixed with the traditional dancing and music make for an extremely exciting and spectacular scene to photograph.

Over the years, we’ve seen the groom riding in on all kinds of beautiful animals and things, from majestic elephants to beautiful horses. We even had a couple fly in a rickshaw from India. Whatever you and however you decide to celebrate your Indian wedding, we won't miss a second during the Baraat.

Indian Bride and Groom Portrait Photography

During the day, we love to capture our bride and groom in their amazing wedding attire. We always start by photographing individual portraits of the bride in her traditional Indian bridal attire and the groom in his Indian groom’s attire. After, we move onto photographing the bride and groom, where we know to get a combination of traditional photos, creative photos, scenic photos, intimate photos, and photojournalistic captured candid photographs. Our years of photography experience and expertise allow us to capture all these images in a very short period of time.

Nighttime Indian Wedding Portraits

At night is when we use our lighting skills along with romantic and intimate surroundings to create some of our spectacular signature images. We love creating moody and story telling images at night and even in rain to create a once in a life time photo, you'll love forever!

Photography for Indian Wedding Ceremonies

Although Indian wedding ceremonies are spiritual and religious, they offer many opportunities to capture emotion and story telling candid moments. Our wedding photography style is to capture a mix of wide angle photos and close up photographs from as many angles as possible, in anticipation smiles and emotional moments during your Indian wedding ceremony. As an example, we know that if a bride is being blessed by the married women in her life, there are going to be intense emotional moments; and we know when and how to get in position to photograph them. In another example, we also know that after the couples walk around the fire, is the best opportunity for incredible laughs as the couple race to sit first!

Photographing the Details during an Indian Wedding

The best time to photograph the Indian bride’s details (the wedding shoes, the outfits, the bouquet, etc) is first thing in the morning. We seek out the perfect lighting and backgrounds for your wedding day detail photos, because we know they are important to you!

Indian Wedding Ceremony Detail Photos

By the time you get to your wedding ceremony site, it will be full of your family, friends and guests. We make it our priority to photograph these details in their unaltered state, so that you can see all of the wonderful details of your wedding ceremony location.

Reception Detail Pictures for Indian Weddings

As with the Indian wedding ceremony details photos, we apply the same approach to the Indian wedding reception detail photos. By the time you get there, your hundreds of family, friends and guests will already be in place waiting for you. We use advanced lighting techniques to capture crisp colorful images, yet maintain the ambiance and mood for the receptions lighting.

Photographing the Sangeet

The Sangeet is typically more elaborate than the typical American wedding reception, most are used to. Our comprehensive Indian Wedding Photography coverage includes photographing the Sangeet, so you have photos of great toasts, performances, and candid moments preserved for a lifetime of memories.

We make sure to arrive 10-20 minutes before guests arrive, so that we can photograph of the room completely empty. we then candidly photograph all the moments, as the guests arrive and are seated. As soon as the Indian Bride and groom arrive, we begin the couples photography session with the bride and groom which typically lasts about 20 minutes while guests are being seated. After, we carefully photograph all of the evening’s spectacular moments.

Photographing the Mehndi (henna) Party

No righteous Indian Wedding Photography Package could go without photography coverage of the Mehndi Party. We love photographing these traditional Indian events, because it allows us to interact and get to know the bride’s immediate family. Mehndi Parties are full of candid moments where friends and family gather to eat, catch up and get their amazing Henna ready for the wedding day!

Indian Wedding Reception Photography

During the Indian wedding reception, it’s where our experience truly shows and it's the time to make sure we're anticipating every upcoming moment. During the Indian wedding reception, we make sure we have 2 or more photographers ready to capture every moment, including the bride and groom during speeches to capture their reactions. We definitely won't miss any of the soft emotional moment and if someone is getting down on the dance floor, we’ll capture that too!

Contact us for your Indian Wedding

Please contact us if you’re interested in hiring us for your Indian Wedding! We would love to be a part of your special day. Contact us here.

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