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Downloading Photos and making print purchases

Accessing your gallery is a simple process and will allow you to log in, view, download, share and make professional print purchases. We always highly recommend starting by downloading all your images and store them to multiple hard drives and even the cloud for long term storage. If you have a Gmail, you can use GOOGLE DRIVE, as a long term safe storage solution. Most brides and grooms choose an heirloom wedding album custom designed in-house for a lifetime of memories.

We love to make your wedding photography experience, the most convenient and stress free experience so you can savor the wedding day and every day afterwards. One of the added conveniences on hiring us for your wedding photography experience is our online gallery system to download, share and purchase professional prints from your engagement photography session, portrait photography session or wedding day photography.

How to use your Wedding Photography Gallery?

1. You will receive your online wedding photography gallery within 4-6 weeks after your wedding day or specified in your photography contract. You will receive an email notifying you that your gallery is ready along with a link and password to access your gallery for a period of 30 days.

2. Once you receive the email notification that your gallery is ready, you can save the email or use your assigned link that will bring you to your password protected online gallery. Using the LOGIN in the email notification you can open the gallery by clicking on "OPEN GALLERY" on the lower right.

3. Upon clicking "OPEN GALLERY" you will be able to log in using your assigned password to view, download, share and begin purchasing your high quality prints and wall art!

4. Once you are logged into your gallery you will see all your images in chronological order from the beginning of your wedding day to the end of your contracted time with us. In the gallery view you will able to "favorite" images, which is helpful when choosing images for your wedding album, "sharing" on social media, "downloading", and "purchasing" of images. Photo print sharing options are limited to select sizes that are best suited to our photography style and display in most homes and offices.

5. When you click on one of your wedding images a full size image will be displayed offering several options with a film strip along the bottom with images before and after your selected image as well as the one you have selected.

At the top right you will presented with a button "buy photo" which opens the purchase screen with options for various print options, products and sizes.

6. Once you are on the purchase screen, a preview of your selected photo along with the high quality prints, products and sizes we offer to our brides and grooms. All of our professional printing is provided by the top photo imaging printers based in the USA.

7. Upon a photo product selection being made you will be notified that your selection(s) is now in your shopping cart. You may select to view your cart or buy additional products or make additional selections to be purchased from your photo gallery.

8. Once an item is selected for purchase another screen will open with a shopping cart with the option to select quantities of your chosen photo print or product selections can be made. If you wish to return to your gallery to make other selections to be added to your shopping cart use the back button in your browser.

All items will remain in your cart for purchase.

9. After you've made all your selections you can select to "checkout" from the prior screen (cart) where your information will be needed to complete your purchase.

If you still need help with downloading and purchasing professional prints please call us at 954-399-0741

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