Heirloom photo album by Couture Bridal Photography are custom designed for each client

Why we deliver the digital negatives with your heirloom photo album?

Heirloom Photo Album GraphiStudio by Couture Bridal Photography

Couture Bridal Photography provides the digital negatives with the delivery of clients heirloom photo albums

Why delivering a clients digital negatives with an heirloom photo albums a benefit to the client and photographer?


    I would like to start by introducing myself. I’m Alfredo Valentine, I am a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based photographer. I specialize in Bridal/Wedding Photography, but do provide portrait, lifestyle, and boudoir photography services. I am also an award winning published wedding photographer and provide destination wedding photography services throughout the United States and Caribbean. I was born and raised in New York and have been involved with photography from a very young age. I started taking photography serious at the age of 16, and started Couture Bridal Photography in 2009. I was born and raised in Forest Hills Queens, New York, and I was a cop for 10 years in Palm Beach County. I am currently a firefighter/paramedic and work in a hospital emergency room one or two days a week to keep my skills fresh. I consider myself an artist and photography my passion, Firefighting is my second passion. I love working with people and I love helping people. My life is balanced by the fact that I get to see people at their happiest, and unfortunately at their saddest. Life is about balance and that is why I chose to change my policy on digital negative being delivered with heirloom photo album, and not before. In the past I would give away the digital negatives, and not place importance on providing my clients with a beautifully designed heirloom photo albums by GraphiStudio. Please follow along and see why this small expense it a benefit to the client more than the artist.

 Let me start by saying I have an exclusive partnership with GraphiStudio. GraphiStudio is known around the world as the finest Heirloom photo album/photo book binder in the world. Graphistudio only uses the finest leathers, papers and materials in the manufacturing of their books, which is done by the hands of dedicated artisans in Arba, Italy. These heirloom photo albums come with lifetime warranties and are made to provide generations of enjoyment for my clients and their families. Additionally, GraphiStudio has stringent guidelines in forming partnerships with photographers. Photographers must meet specific criteria to be a Graphistudio partner which involves having the quality and professionalism of a photographers photography scrutinized, as well as ethical business practices. Only the best photographers are chosen to represent and sell GraphiStudio products, and this helps clients differentiate an artist/photographer from someone that might not provide you with the best photography services. 

    The reason I have moved away from just providing digital negatives to clients is because my photography and the images I take are artistic in nature and because they have value. They have value to you because they are snapshots of your memorably moments. They are valuable to me because my images represent me as well. The images that I take represent what I felt, what I saw and how I felt when I decided to capture your moment, so every image I take has a piece of me with it. It may seem silly, and I am writing from the heart when I say that. The difference between hiring me and an average photographers is artistry. I’m not running around machine gunning images throughout your photography session or wedding day. I am capturing moments, emotions and at times setting the mood for a moment to take place. When all is said and done, I want to design a beautiful heirloom photo album with images that represent you and your wedding day and all the special moments that took place. I want it to be something tangible, that you can touch, feel, smell, and make a part of your home for all to see. I want you to be able to flip through the pages of your heirloom album and relive those moments with the ones you love. I want those images to be handed down from generation to generation. That is what art truly is.

Definition of “Art”: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

    We live in a digital world now, but to keep art alive, any art it has to be something that cannot only be seen, it has to be felt. If you don’t own Art in the physical sense then an heirloom photo album, is a great way and the only way to take your memories, your moments and all the things you felt on your wedding day turned into art. Additionally, when you see your images printed in your heirloom photo album they take on a life all their own, which will provide you with years of joy.  Artistic photography is meant to be printed to have emotional value, and to live on its own.

    I am able to create heirloom photo albums for clients, who had their photos done elsewhere, just provide me with the images you wish to have in your heirloom photo album and I will design for you a piece of art made just for you!

    Couture Bridal Photography and Alfredo Valentine Photography (www.AlfredoValentine.com) are owned by Alfredo Valentine. Alfredo Valentine is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and it available for photography assignments throughout the United States and Caribbean. Please Visit and Like www.Facebook.com/CoutureBridalPhotography and www.Facebook.com/AlfredoRValentine   

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I am a South Florida based portrait, lifestyle, boudoir and wedding photographer. I love destination weddings and travel. I love photography and I have my own unique approach to photography and post processing