Miami Wedding Photographer image of Couple in Tamarina italian restaurant in Brickell area of Miami, Florida

Miami Wedding Photographer

Miami Wedding Photographer

If you’re looking for the best Miami Wedding Photographer for your engagement and Wedding Photography needs, look no further?

Couture Bridal Photography is your best Professional Miami Wedding Photographer choice!

The best Miami Wedding Photographer in South Florida is Couture Bridal Photography. Image of Bride and groom in an embrace after a beach wedding ceremony

Searching for the perfect Miami photographer for your Miami wedding can be very difficult with all the choices of Wedding photographer in Miami, Florida. Google, Bing and Yahoo searches will yield thousands of results for wedding photographers. They come in various styles, prices and experience levels. The problem is find a Miami Wedding Photographer that really is a professional photographer.

When you hire Couture Bridal Photography you are hiring truly professional photographers lead by Alfredo Valentine, with over 24 years of photography experience and training. Alfredo Valentine created Couture Bridal Photography to be the preeminent Wedding photography service in South Florida with special emphasis on weddings hosted in Miami Florida. Couture Bridal Photography is known throughout South Florida, as the top Miami Wedding Photographer in South Florida.

Miami Wedding Photographer at the Breakers Wedding Photographer Couture Bridal Photography discusses the Breakers Palm Beach and being a Breakers Wedding Photographer

When you hire Alfredo Valentine and Couture Bridal Photography you are hiring the best Miami Wedding Photographer to provide powerful, elegant and artistic Wedding Photography. Couture Bridal Photography considered an affordable fine art wedding photographer. Alfredo Valentine captures all the moments and emotions throughout the wedding day, while creating fashion oriented images that highlight the bride and groom at their best.

Miami Wedding Photographer Bride and groom dancing during the wedding reception by Alfredo Valentine Couture Bridal Photography Alfredo Valentine

Couture Bridal Photography combines candid/photojournalistic photography with fashion/glamour and editorial photography to create a beautiful wedding day story with a series of carefully captured and created images. This is something many claiming to be Miami Wedding Photographers cannot do, instead just taking snapshots hoping for a great image. During the course of training to be a professional wedding photographer Alfredo Valentine has studied and attended seminars and workshops by Jerry Ghionis, Roberto Valenzuela, Joe Buissink, Yervant, Cliff Moutner, and David Beckstead. These are the top 6 wedding photographers in the world, and if your a Miami Wedding Photographer doesn’t know these names they definitely aren’t a wedding photography professional.

Miami Wedding Photographer The best Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer Wedding at the Westin Colonnade Coral Gables, Florida by Alfredo Valentine Couture Bridal Photography

If your looking for a truly professional Miami Wedding Photographer that will provide you with creative heirloom images and the best photography prints, canvases and products, Couture Bridal Photography is your best choice.

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Couture Bridal Photography

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