Hitchmeweddings.com in Miami, FL is a Fraud

Hitchmeweddings.com in Miami, FL is a Fraud

If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is! How I discovered Hitchmeweddings.com in Miami, FL is a fraud and duping brides!

Update: HitchmeWeddings.com is back up and they are still using images that are stolen from the internet or purchased that isn’t a true representation of their work. This is why the Wedding Photography industry suffers! 10/5/15

I am not one to bad mouth another fellow photographer, but I do have a limit to what I can tolerate when it comes to my art and my industry. One of the things I cannot tolerate is thievery of a fellow photographers artwork and the intentional deception of a couple or anyone for that matter when it comes to photography. I discovered a fraud in Miami, Florida and their name is Hitchmeweddings.com in Miami, Florida.

This story begins like any other typical story. I was contacted by a couple to get an estimate for their wedding photography and video. It was during my consultation that I asked if they had spoken to any other photographers and I would do my best to match their rate if possible. When the couple told me what HitmeWeddings.Com in Miami, Florida was offering I looked deeper into their website and displayed work and quickly noticed inconsistencies.

I went to Hitchmeweddings.com and noticed this below image among a few others on www.Hitchmeweddings.com

Hitchmeweddings.com is a fraud and they stole this image from another photographer. They are a fraud in MiamiHitchmeweddings.com Screen shot! So I screen grabbed the above image and put in Google images and did an image search. Below is the the screen shot of Hitchmeweddings.com’s website as evidence which I submitted to the original owner of the image to take action for copyright infringement.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 11.31.14 PM

The google Image search showed the following: I contacted Garretthubbard and stopstealingphotos.com

The true owner of the image stolen by Hitchmeweddings.com Screen shot from google images

Another images stolen by hitchmeweddings.com a miami florida wedding photography fraud

This image on their website that they are displaying as one of their images is this one above. I did a google image search and discovered the following:

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 hitchmeweddings.com showing stolen image

I contacted the original owner, http://karliharrisonphotography.com of this image as well and also notified Stopstealingphotos.com of the copyright and image theft along with the screen shots. How Hitchmeweddings.com can deceive couples is beyond me? If you look at their photos for their albums you will find images that aren’t properly composed, under exposed and very poor in quality. This was one of the reasons why I began to check their images in Google search.

Another stolen images that they display on their website as theirs. I can write a book for all the images they stole from other photographers on their website that they are saying is theirs. I don’t event think the video is theirs either but theres no way of telling but based on what I see quality wise, it is possible that the video is stolen as well.

One more image before I finish this blog on the fraud Hitchmeweddings.com in carrying out. I can’t even imagine the disappointment and pain a couple would feel after receiving the poor images these clowns are creating.

This image below is on there home page, and Im so disgusted because the majority of professional photographers work so hard to be the best they can be taking classes, practicing, and giving only the best to couples and Hitchmeweddings.com just blatantly steals their images and passes them of as their own to essentially steal from couples and ruining their most special day!Miami Wedding photography fraud by hitchmeweddings.com this is not their image! most of the images on their website are stolen off the web!

The above image was taken and owned by Steven Bayer Photography, who I contacted and also provided the screen shots and information to stopstealingphotos.com. Now below is the screen shot from Hitchmeweddings.com the fraud thieves of Miami Wedding Photography!

Image stolen from Steven bayer photography by Hitchmeweddings.com a fraud photo stealing miami wedding photography wanna be

Now the Google image search result showing the true owner of the image and further proving Hitchmeweddings.com is a fraud and should be shut down immediately for what they are doing. I know the owners of all the images Hitchmeweddings.com is stealing will be suing for large amounts of money and they will be shut down for good. Below is the Google Image search results for the stolen image Hitchmeweddings.com is using:

screen shot from google images showing how Hitchmeweddings.com is a fraud and stealing images from steven bayer photography

Well I don’t have the energy nor the patience to blog about how much of a fraud Hitchmeweddings.com is. They are not professional photographer and their own images which can easily be picked out from truly professional images says enough. HitchmeWeddings.com is fraud, thieves, unprofessional and will be bankrupted by the true owners of the images they have stolen. Additionally, any couples they lied to can sue and get their money back as well, and federal law concerning copyright theft and image theft can lead to federal prison time. I hope they get locked up.

Look for true professional wedding photographers and investigate everything about them before you hire them.

I am a South Florida based portrait, lifestyle, boudoir and wedding photographer. I love destination weddings and travel. I love photography and I have my own unique approach to photography and post processing