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Finding South Florida Photographers

Finding South Florida Photographers

Finding the best South Florida Photographers for your Engagement and Wedding Photography by Couture Bridal Photography

Finding South Florida Photographers for Engagement and Wedding Photography by Couture Bridal Photography South Florida Wedding Photographers. Image of bride and groom during their wedding reception dancing and a romantic kiss

Finding South Florida Photographers for your engagement and wedding photography can be a daunting task. South Florida is a very competitive market for South Florida photographers. It’s also difficult finding South Florida Photographers that are available for weddings at peak times during the year, that are truly experienced in Wedding Photography. Unfortunately the market is filled with “Faux” tographers and Wedding Photography companies that don’t offer quality professional Photography.¬†It is very important to research potential photographers thoroughly before committing to signing a contract and paying a retainer.

The best tools to finding south Florida Photographers is using google or bing search engines and visiting websites until you find a photographer who’s work catches your attention. Another tip is to go beyond the first 5-10 pages of search results, and I’ll explain.

Many South Florida Photographers like myself are professional photographers that choose to invest in offering the best Wedding Photography products and services than trying to rank on the first page of Google and Bing. Large cookie cutter wedding photography companies that have a group of freelance photographers of unknown training and background tend to invest in first page advertising and marketing. Now this may fit your needs, but if your making attempts in finding south Florida Photographers that offer truly artistic, heirloom wedding photography your best luck will be 5 pages deep or more in web search results.

Another great way of Finding South Florida Photographers for your wedding is Wedding wire, the Knot, and Wedding lovely, but with a twist. True story, I had a bride contact me, who said she found me on the Knot. I mentioned she must have searched more than 5-10 pages in because I wasn’t a paying photography vendor on “The Knot”. She tells me, she has a friend who is a horrible photographer and is listed on the first page as a featured photographer. She goes on to tell me that she knows for a fact that her friend paid the $3500 it costs to be a featured photographer, so she started searching from the last page to the first instead. Unfortunately, she was telling the truth. The Knot, Wedding Wire, Weddinglovely, and many of the wedding websites have no clue what is or who is a true professional photographer. They are in business to list vendors for profit. In one such case, I found out personally that they do not care if someone is committing fraud or providing poor wedding photography, services or just plain stealing.

 Another way way of finding South Florida Photographers for your wedding is to do Google and Bing searches for the wedding venue or venues that will be hosting or considering of hosting your reception. South Florida Photographers typically blog or create webpages linking to venues where they have captured weddings. This may provide you with the opportunity of finding South Florida Photographers that have taken wedding photographs from previous weddings at your wedding venue.

So finding a “South Florida Photographer for your Engagement and Wedding Photography” can be some work and takes time, but its worth following these tips.

Of course, finding South Florida Photographers that specializes in Engagement and Wedding Photography isn’t too hard if you contact us. Couture Bridal Photography is a preferred South Florida Photography business that specializes in Wedding photography.

Whether an engagement session, a wedding in South Florida or Destination Wedding abroad, finding South Florida Photographers Couture Bridal Photography is always the best choice for your engagement and wedding photography.

Contact us at 954-399-0741 or email us, so spending all your spare time finding South Florida Photographers you can count on for your engagement or wedding photography will be stress free and simple!

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