Who are the best South Florida Wedding Photographers?

Who are the best South Florida Wedding Photographers ?

Finding the best South Florida Wedding Photographers can be very stressful. Learn how to find the best South Florida Wedding Photographers for your Wedding!

Couture Bridal Photography is one of the top South Florida Wedding Photographers and ranked among one of the top wedding photographers worldwide. Couture Bridal Photography owned and operated by master photographer Alfredo Valentine is one of the most called upon wedding photography studios throughout the United States and Caribbean. Alfredo Valentine and his team of professional wedding photographers along with assistants are recognized for the most natural and organic wedding photography styles that is reminiscent of a time where images had feeling, depth and texture but with a very fashion forward, editorial and glamour approach. By far the preferred and recommended Wedding Photography studio in South Florida, Couture Bridal Photography ranks among the top 5 wedding photography studios with the best South Florida Wedding Photographers most couples choose whether they are local or planning a destination wedding in South Florida.
Image taken by Alfredo Valentine of Couture Bridal Photography at the Lighthouse Point Yacht & Racquet club in Lighthouse Point Florida for Crystal and Eric’s wedding day.


Where does one start when searching for the best South Florida Wedding Photographers to choose from to capture a wedding day?

When searching for the “Best South Florida Wedding Photographers”, you should first consider what, “Best” means to you personally. Photography is an art form, and is very subjective. What someone else loves to see or moves them might not be to your liking or taste. Wedding photographers also vary greatly on specific styles and approaches to capturing a wedding day.

Wedding Photographers may also be strong in certain areas such as posing, editing, lighting or composition, but weak in others. So looking to see “Who are the best South Florida Wedding Photographers”, might have you chasing your tail. Your approach to finding a wedding photographer is to find Who will be the best wedding photographer for your wedding?”. Finding the best wedding photographer for your wedding is more important than trying to find the best Wedding Photographer. Start by looking at websites for styles and more importantly consistency. Here are some things to look for when searching for the best wedding photographer for your wedding.

Your wedding photography budget – How much are you ready to invest for the best South Florida Wedding Photographer?

Your wedding photography budget plays a big role in which wedding photographer you will invest in capturing your wedding day. Wedding Photographers range in price from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. One saying that truly applies to wedding photography is, “You get what you pay for”, holds true in the wedding photography industry.

Never hire a South Florida Wedding Photographer or any wedding photographer from places like craigslist, Gigmasters, or Thumbtack. People that advertise on these sites are typically just starting out or don’t have the professional equipment to handle a wedding. A wedding photographer can’t afford to have a website and properly market themselves most likely don’t possess the skills, experience and equipment to properly photograph a wedding day. Many couples find themselves at a loss and disappointed when they choose to become frugal on wedding photography. Again, I have met couples who did hire the supposed, “Best South Florida Wedding Photographers”, and hated every image.

I once spoke to a woman who was convinced she should hire a wedding photography studio very popular in Fort Lauderdale Florida. She explained that she wasn’t prepared to purchase a $2,000.00 album in order to receive her wedding day images. Unfortunately, she was left with no choice and after several months of saving received her photos. When discussing her experience sh recalls being very disappointed that every image was staged, posed and unnatural. What she was looking for a more photojournalistic style of wedding photography, but because of this studios popularity she was convinced to hire them. You should expect a professional wedding photographer to charge anywhere from $1,800 – $4,000 for 4 to 10 hours of coverage.

Couture Bridal Photography is recognized world wide as South Florida's Best Wedding Photography studio with award wining images and a unique approach to capturing moments throughout a wedding day meant to create art with each carefully captured image. Couture Bridal Photography's Alfredo Valentine is an award winning wedding photographer serving South Florida, Puerto Rico and almost anywhere around the world.
Wedding ring image captured during a wedding in Jacksonville Florida in September of 2016 by Alfredo Valentine of Couture Bridal Photography

Searching for your Wedding Photographer! – How do I find a “Best South Florida Wedding Photographer” for me?

Looking for a wedding photographer can be very confusing! There are so many places to look, so which is the best. Speaking to friends and family to see who they recommend is a good start. Search the web as well, The Knot.com and Weddingwire.com can be great resources, but keep in mind vendors pay for placement. Some vendors can invest hundreds of dollars to list at the top of searches, leading you to think they are top rate vendors when they aren’t, leading to disappointment and headaches. Keep in mind vendors can game the system with fake reviews misleading you as well. Remember to research any potential photographers thoroughly. Check their websites, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, and in Google searches for any negative press.

The Bad ones – Be Cautious

One of the most notorious Wedding Photography studios in South Florida is Hitchmeweddings.com. They may be operating under another business name and stole thousands of dollars from couples without providing any images. I blogged about them when I accidentally came across them on the web. Click here for the blog post. Meet with your chosen wedding photographer and ask to see prints and photo albums. Look for consistency and look for complete wedding galleries on a photographers website. Consider if a photographer only has to show his best photos, this doesn’t show consistency.

You want a wedding photographer that can handle various scenarios and lighting conditions. You also want to see what he or she looks to capture during your wedding day. More importantly, can they have the skill, experience, knowledge and equipment to capture a wedding, your wedding!

Couture Bridal Photography is the top rated award winning best south Florida Wedding Photographer. Couture Bridal Photography is the most chosen and trusted wedding photography studio throughout South Florida and asked to capture weddings worldwide. Couture Bridal Photography is owned by top rated professional photographer Alfredo Valentine, who has 24 years of professional photography experience and training from some of the worlds top professional wedding and fashion photographers. Call and book Couture Bridal Photography known as South Florida's best wedding photographer with a fashion forward illustrative and glamour photography approach.
Bride and groom portrait during a wedding at the world famous Boone Hall Plantation where the movie, “The Notebook” was filmed. Boone Hall Plantation and the Boone Hall Cotton Dock are rated among the top 5 wedding venues in the United States. Couture Bridal Photography offers destination wedding photography coverage worldwide and is among the best wedding photographers in south Florida by independent wedding and business industry publications.


Give us a call – Couture Bridal Photography is known as one of the Best Wedding Photography Studios in South Florida

Known as one of the Best South Florida Wedding Photography Studios, Couture Bridal Photography is lead by two of South Florida’s Best Professional Wedding Photographers, Alfredo Valentine and Giovanni Gutierrez. We offer a wedding photography experience that includes creating art with each moment of your wedding day. Couture Bridal Photography uses a unique combination of photography styles to offer the most comprehensive wedding photography in South Florida.

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