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The most important part of planning your wedding is a good wedding timeline to keep everything going smooth on wedding day!

The most important part of planning a great wedding day is by creating the perfect wedding timeline. Being able to know exactly where to be and when on wedding day. A wedding timeline also helps other wedding vendors, especially professional hair and makeup artists to provide the best services they can by known when they need to start working on the bridal party and bride.

How to create the perfect wedding timeline?

The best way to create the perfect wedding timeline is to figure out the sunset time and use the hour prior to sunset to conclude the wedding ceremony, This provides the optimal lighting during golden hour for beautiful formal portraits and bridal portraits of the bride and groom.

Knowing that the wedding ceremony start time will be an hour before sunset, so working backwards to the morning is the best way to set a timeline for hair and makeup, getting ready photos and if it applies a first look portrait photography session.

The perfect timeline will allow ample time to travel from hotel to ceremony location as well as the reception location while allowing your wedding photographer to get the images you most want.

When should I create my wedding timeline?

You should begin working on your wedding day timeline, as soon as you have selected your wedding venue and reception venue. As soon as your wedding date is set, you should immediately find the sunset time and begin with a wedding ceremony that concludes 30 min to an hour before sunset time.

You can also work with your wedding planner and photographer to create the ideal timeline for your wedding and any special traditions you might add to your wedding day.

What should a wedding timeline include?

A wedding timeline should include the start time of each aspect of your wedding day, the estimated time it will take to complete. A wedding day timeline should also take into consideration any time needed to travel between the wedding ceremony location and wedding reception location. You also want to add enough time for your formal and wedding portraits.

Don't forget to add the time when you will cut your wedding cake, first dances and any other traditions that might be a part of your wedding day.

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