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My Wedding Photography Approach

My Distinct Approach to Wedding Photography is capturing your most precious memories

"When it comes to wedding photography money is not what motivates us. Our passion for romance, raw emotion and delicate moments filled with joy and happiness are our sole motivation."

When I created Couture Bridal Photography, my intention was to approach wedding photography from a personal desire to capture raw emotion and tell wedding day love stories. As a wedding photographer based in Fort Lauderdale, I still approach each and every wedding as a completely new experience both for the couple and myself.

I never photograph any wedding with any preconceived photos in mind, nor do I ever employ a list of must have photos unless the couples requests them. My role is to observe, anticipate and capture the emotion, details and passion that sets your wedding from anyone else.

This is your wedding day, your story and it will be filled with moments that can never be repeated or recreated even if you could go back in time.