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Couture Bridal Photography is rated the top Wedding Photography vendor with the best Wedding Photographers serving Fort Lauderdale and South Florida!

Couture Bridal Photography is the biggest and most popular Wedding Photography studio with the top Wedding Photographers serving Fort lauderdale and South Florida. Brides around the world choose us as the most trusted and preferred professional Wedding Photography professionals consistently delivering the most artistic documentary Engagement and Wedding Photography around the world. 

Wedding photography is a unique and challenging genre of wedding photography that requires many more skills than photographers in other industries or specialties. Wedding Photographers must have a variety of specialized skills and knowledge to effectively create beautiful images as moments take place throughout the a couples wedding day. Photographers photographing weddings must also have an arsenal of specialized cameras, lenses, lighting and tools in order to photography weddings in constantly changing environments and lighting conditions. The tools of a professional Wedding Photographer are extremely expensive and many are not properly skilled, experiences or prepared to photograph weddings, yet still do because of the profits possible in the Wedding industry.

Most couples based on budget risk their wedding photography to inexperienced, ill equipped photographers advertising as professional wedding photographers only to be disappointed. Additionally, larger more popular Wedding Photography studios, such as Michelle Lawson Photography in Fort Lauderdale aren't really professional photographers but snapshot takers. The difference being that they charge an affordable amount of money to photograph weddings and take lots of snapshots hoping for a few really good images rather than capturing the day with a professional and creative mindset. This approach to wedding photography is sloppy and results in lots of nice images, but nothing that provides a consistent "Wow" factor.

Wedding Photography although an industry is still viewed as a specialized art form by some photographers and they provide beautiful artistic wedding photography to couples around the world. Wedding Photographers around the world that provide highly stylized professional wedding photography typically garner a following on social media, wedding publications and are able to charge more for their work. The style and quality of Wedding Photography a couple decide on is typically based on their appreciation of the arts, their feelings on how important photography is to them, their budget and available photographers where they are planning their wedding. 

Couples that love a specific style of Wedding Photography sometimes have a wedding photographer travel with them if their wedding is being hosted outside of the photographers or couple area. This is a common practice and yet another Wedding Photography speciality known as Destination Wedding Photography.

Couture Bridal Photography, a Fort Lauderdale based Wedding Photography studio is among the top Wedding Photography Studios in the United States of America. As a premiere Wedding Photography Studio, Couture Bridal Photography offers the most diverse, yet distinct Wedding Photography style in the World. Couture Bridal Photography is known for consistently delivering the most elegant, romantic and timeless Wedding Photography in the United States and around the world. Couture Bridal Photography is also one of the most popular Destination Wedding Photography studios in the Caribbean and South America, as well. Couples choose Couture Bridal Photography for the best Wedding Photography prices, convenient payment plans and spectacular images. 

Couture Bridal Photography, founded by Alfredo Valentine, is also known as one of the most booked and sought after Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photography studios with a small team of highly talented professional Wedding Photographers and Wedding Photography assistants and second photographers serving Miami, Palm Beach and Broward County and the Florida Keys on a day to day basis. 

Alfredo Valentine, a world renowned professional photographer that specializes in Weddings created the most talked about and desired wedding photography styles most demanded in the United States. 

Alfredo Valentine, combined photojournalism, editorial, high-fashion, glamour, editorial and illustrative photography styles to create an entirely unique and distinct wedding photography style that captures every detail, emotion and special moment throughout a brides wedding day to tell a story. This Wedding day story telling wedding photography style is now the most sought after look brides choose for their wedding photography. 

Among the many facets that make for a unique wedding photo experience is editing. Wedding Photographers edit captured images and make each image look a certain way. This adds to the style of images a couple receives. Many Wedding Photography studios like Adept Wedding Photography and Michelle Lawson Photography deliver very plain digital images to their clients. Couture Bridal Photography delivers specially edited images that have rich color, depth, texture and substance that gives each image weight. The editing style incorporated by Couture Bridal Photography is a secret mix of settings that gives images a true film feel with digital perfection. 

Couture Bridal Photography is the top rated Wedding Photography studio in the United States and offers Wedding Photography worldwide. 

Location: 2000 N Ocean Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305.

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