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I'm a Miami Wedding Photographer, shooting engagement and weddings in NYC

I (Alfredo Valentine) was born and raised in New York City, Forest Hills Queens to be exact. I moved to South Florida in 1998 and have have resided here ever since. I love South Florida for the weather, the beaches and great atmosphere. South Florida has been incredibly good to me and my children and I am proud to be one of the best wedding photographers in Miami, Florida. I founded Couture Bridal Photography in 2008 after being an avid photographer for over 20 years and seeing mundane and boring wedding photography particularly in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. So I set out to create the most creative and distinct wedding photography style that would tell a love story with beautiful photos that brides and grooms would find elegant, romantic and timeless.

It took a few years to become recognized in the wedding industry, but once I was noticed I became the most sought after wedding photography studios in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Since then we've become the most preferred wedding photography vendors at more hotels, resorts, venues and golf clubs from Key West to Jupiter and Southwest Florida in Naples Florida.

It didn't take long before my family and friends in New York City and Long Island began to spread the word about my photography and I began to shooting engagements and weddings throughout New York City, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey. Once I photographed a few weddings and an engagement session or two, brides and grooms realized they saved thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars hiring me to travel to New York City to photograph their engagement and upcoming wedding even with the added cost of my travel and accommodations. So I became the best value on engagement and wedding photography in New York City and Long Island.

As a Miami wedding photographer routinely flying or driving up to New York City and Long Islands to photograph wedding and engagements, I routinely photography cultural weddings such as Jewish Weddings, Indian Weddings, Vietnamese Weddings, Filipino Weddings and more. One of the most popular photography services we offer is engagement sessions, engagement albums that double as a wedding sign-in book and wedding albums, so New York brides and grooms to be can get to know me and my wedding photography style and become familiar with my approach to engagement and wedding photography.

One of the most popular locations couples request for their engagement photo session is Central Park and its historical features such as Bethesda Terrace and Bow Bridge. As a Miami wedding photographer, who grew up most of my life in New York City, I have a firm understanding of the lighting and nearby locations to add to my couples engagement photo session experience. My favorite location for an engagement shoot though, is in and around Bethesda Terrace and its fountain.

If you are planning a wedding in New York City and want to save thousands of dollars over New York City and Long Island based wedding photographers while still receiving the same high quality, high resolution images with a creative and distinct wedding photography style that is elegant, romantic and timeless, call us

Location: 72 Terrace Dr. New York, NY 10021.

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