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Couture bridal Photography is a Delray Beach Wedding Photography studio and most preferred at the Historic Sundy House!

Couture Bridal Photography was hired by Rachelle and Jimmy to capture their Sundy house Wedding and Reception. Rachelle chose to hire Couture Bridal Photography, as her professional wedding photography studio for our artistic documentary wedding photography. She was very focused on a very dynamic wedding photography experience that didn't hinder spending time with her family and friends.

Delray Beach Wedding Ceremony

Rachelle and jimmy hosted there wedding ceremony on the beach at Atlantic Dunes Park in Delray Beach, Florida. The wedding ceremony was held on the east side of the park on the beach with the arch facing the ocean. Rachelle and Jimmy had a company furnish chairs for friends and family on the beach overlooking the atlantic ocean. The wedding ceremony was simple and beautiful, with a vows being exchanged before a romantic first kiss. 

After the wedding ceremony Family portraits were taken with the new bride and groom as well as some artistic bridal portrait photography for the bride and groom. At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony the bridal party took a Delray Beach Trolley from the beach to the Historic Sundy House just a few miles west of Atlantic Dunes Park.

Sundy House Cocktail Hour and Wedding Reception

We arrive at the Sundy House for Rachelle and Jimmy's Cocktail hour and wedding reception. We captured several images for rachelle and Jimmy's bridal portrait collection on the Sundy House grounds and they quickly joined their family and friends. I then worked to capture the interactions of Rachelle and Jimmy with their family and friends to photograph special moments as they happened. 

At the Conclusion of the cocktail hour family, friends, guests and bridal party moved to the Sundy House Main building where dinner would be served. Rachelle and Jimmy conducted their first dances with the her father and Jim with his mother. There were several tables with one table set up for a family style dinner. The wedding cake was nearby and set up under an ornate gazebo just a short distance from the SundY house. 

Dinner was served and within a short period of time the celebration began. There was dancing, laughing and a lot of fun taking place. After a short period of time, The bridal party joined Rachelle and Jim at the their wedding cake where they but their cake to loud applause. 

Call and book the #1 Delray Beach Wedding Photographer for weddings throughout Delray Beach, Florida. We are the top wedding photographer for Historic Sundy House weddings and the Marriott Delray Beach.