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Couture Bridal Photography has been the provider of wedding photography to couples throughout Florida, Charleston, Dallas, Beverly Hills, New York City, San Juan, Cartagena and many major cities around the world since 2008. As a top rated South Florida wedding photography studio, we are among the most experience wedding photography studios in the United States with over 350 Wedding photography assignments completed and many more engagement photography sessions to date.

As experienced professional photographers specializing in Wedding Photography we are able to create and capture the most amazing images under any conditions and any environment. Using Natural light, artificial lighting to create the most dramatic artistic images, we are adept at being able to provide the most amazing wedding photography in the most foreign settings with ease.

While most wedding photographers seek out nice backgrounds or easy locations at already familiar wedding venues, we enjoy the challenge of creating some of our best photographs based solely on lighting and our brides and grooms. As one of the most experienced wedding photographers in Florida and the US, we pose and guide our couples to look their absolute best in any situation for spectacular bridal portraits, candid moments and emotional moments throughout the wedding day.

Location: 2000 N Ocean Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305.

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Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer
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