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Get a tuxedo for the groom and lets take some great groom photos and groom detail wedding shots!

One of the most exciting experience a groom can have is a cool photo shoot while he's getting ready in his wedding day tuxedo. Brides definitely want to see their new husband looking his best in a fancy tuxedo on wedding day. So when we arrive at your Miami hotel wedding venue, you may here me say,"Get that tuxedo ready for the groom", to signal it's time to photograph the groom and get all the best groom wedding detail shots. As the premiere Miami wedding photographers brides and grooms expect nothing but the very best wedding photography that highlights all the wedding day details.

Brides and grooms planning a wedding usually find a tuxedo for the groom based on the style of wedding they are having. Some tuxedos have designs and others are solid colored, but a groom should always wear a tuxedo during a formal wedding.

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