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Bridal Portraits are a brides best friend, and our brides love us for our fun and creative bridal portrait photography

Any one that has seen our wedding photography knows we love creating the most fun, creative and exciting bridal portraits. As a Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer with a unique and distinct wedding photography style, specializing in candid wedding photography we take great pleasure shooting bridal portraits for our brides. We make every effort to make the bridal portrait photography portion of the wedding day enjoyable, so that even the most camera shy will have a great time.

When you hire us to photograph your wedding day and shoot your bridal portraits, we show up with a multitude of powerful yet easy to transport lighting equipment to create the most spectacular images and bridal portraits. This lighting equipment is especially necessary for low light conditions such as receptions, outdoor weddings at night, bridal portraits in bright sun and cultural weddings.

When we are hired to photograph cultural weddings in Fort Lauderdale, we require specialized lighting equipment to bring out the vibrant colors, like at Indian Weddings that are full of bright and bold colors. Indian brides and grooms expect their bridal portrait photos to show off the accuracy and vibrancy of all the colors on their attire and decor. This is why hiring a "natural Light" wedding photography is not ideal for most brides and grooms weddings.

I hope this article was insightful and provides you with the most information so you can make an informed choice to hires us for your wedding photography and bridal portrait photo sessions.

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