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Best Miami Wedding Photographer for amazing wedding pictures


If you were to speak to any couple that made the mistake of hiring a wedding photographer in Miami based on price or to save some money, they would tell you to hire the best wedding photographer and splurge on that part of your wedding planning budget.

Although Wedding Photography can consume a large chunk of your wedding photography budget, it's the most important aspect of your wedding day. Your wedding photos will be the only physical reminder of the events, details and moments you will have of your wedding day.

Your wedding photos will be the only part of your wedding planning you will get to keep from your wedding day. When you consider a DJ, Catering, Planners, Floral Design and many of the other aspects of your wedding day, the only part of your wedding day you get to keep and share will be the pictures captured throughout the various portions of your wedding day festivities.

With this in mind it is critical to book the best Miami wedding photographer, who can work in a variety of lighting and environmental conditions with the best professional photography equipment for the best wedding photos. Couples who have made the mistake of skimping on their wedding photography will tell you it was their biggest wedding planning mistake.

Your Wedding day is a one time one chance event where a photographer also has to become a problem solver with the constantly changing lighting and environmental conditions. There is no room for a new, inexperienced or casual photographer on a wedding day. Choosing a photographer, who is inexperienced, under equipped and unskilled will only lead to disappointment and sorry, since you can do your wedding day over again.

When should I book my Wedding Photographer for Miami Wedding?


If you want to Book the best Miami Wedding Photographer for your wedding day, it's critical to contact Couture Bridal Photography immediately upon booking your wedding venue. Couture Bridal Photography is the most sought out wedding photography studio in Miami and we book up to 24 months in advance of a bride and grooms wedding.

The popularity of our wedding photography style among couples planning a wedding in Miami makes us the biggest name in wedding photography throughout Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Doral, Homestead, North Miami Beach, Aventura and destinations around the world.

Alfredo Valentine, known as the best wedding photographer in Miami is a world renowned award winning wedding photographer with the top team of professionals for the very best wedding photography anywhere in Miami. Couples from around the world, United States and Florida planning weddings in Miami choose Alfredo Valentine along with his Couture Bridal Photography team for the most spectacular wedding pictures in Miami Florida.

Additionally, Couture Bridal Photography only accepts a limited number of wedding photography assignments throughout each calendar year to provide each couple the most exclusive and luxury wedding photography experience and personalized services of any Miami wedding photography studio in Miami. This allows Alfredo Valentine, to offer the very best award winning professional wedding photography in the United States.

What Makes Alfredo Valentine and Couture Bridal Photography the Best Miami Wedding Photographers to book for my Wedding?


Alfredo Valentine has been a lifelong student of photography starting with film in the early 90's. Having honed his skills for over 20 years before establishing Couture Bridal Photography, there isn't a more experience wedding photographer anywhere in Miami, Florida.

Alfredo's study of photography starting with the a strong foundation in film photography leading to advanced composition before making the move to digital makes him one of the few professional Miami photographers who uses digital photography as if it were film.

Film photography doesn't allow the photographer to check images in a screen, leaving the photographer to meter every image manual from image to image. Most digital photographers require a screen to preview images as they are taken causing many wedding images to be missed as they look at the back of their cameras. Alfredo never misses an image since he has the ability, skill and knowledge to photograph events and moments completely manual while keeping his eyes and camera on the subjects during his wedding photography assignment.

Alfredo Valentine routinely attends photography industry clinics and seminars by the best wedding photographers around the world to continually improve and evolve his wedding photography style and abilities to provide couples with the most artistic wedding photography to couples in Miami Florida.

Additionally, Alfredo Valentine has trained and assisted Jerry Ghionis, Yervant, Joe Buissink and Roberto Valenzuela on weddings in Miami and New York City. Having the experience, skill and ability to work directly with the worlds best wedding photographers further cements Alfredo Valentines title as the best Miami Wedding Photographer.

Alfredo Valentine and his Couture Bridal Photography team have photographed over 400 weddings since 2008 making Couture Bridal Photography the most experienced professional wedding photography studio in Miami couples book most for their wedding day photography.

What style of Wedding Photography will I get if I book the Best Miami Wedding Photographer?


Alfredo Valentine created the most unique wedding photography style exclusively for Miami, Florida weddings. This style was developed to capture and create the most treasured wedding images that tell a complete and comprehensive heirloom wedding day story. This unique and distinct wedding photography style has made Alfredo Valentine and his Couture Bridal Photography team the best Miami Wedding Photographer couples want to book for their wedding day photography.

Alfredo's unique and distinct wedding photography style incorporated several different photography disciplines that include photojournalism, editorial, illustrative, glamour, fashion and traditional wedding photography to create the most desired wedding pictures a bride and groom will cherish and share for a lifetime of wedding memories.

Couples looking to book the best Miami Wedding Photographer will find Couture Bridal Photography is the best choice for the best wedding photography during their Miami Florida wedding.

Although most couples believe a wedding photographers style is based on how images are taken, this only half of the wedding photography process. The second part of a wedding photographers style is how images are edited digitally on a computer. The editing process is the final portion of a wedding photographer duties after the wedding day to provide the bride and groom with their wedding pictures.

The editing process a wedding photographer uses is the final point where the photos taken during the wedding highlights the photographers particular and overall wedding photography style. Alfredo's affinity to film and texture of older film prints is a big influence in his wedding photography style. Alfredo likes to edit images so they have texture, depth and true to life color. Alfredo and his Couture Bridal Photography team use a customized editing style that created images that are rich, colorful, sharp and most important authentic.

The editing process of wedding photos begins with culling or removing images with awkward looks, closed eyes or distracting elements not intended to be captured in a scene. The images are then meticulously hand edited one by one with any other images that aren't up to our standards removed. The remaining images are edited using a distinct and proprietary preset using lightroom, photoshop, alien skin and affinity photo then placed in an online gallery to be delivered to the bride and groom. The images are backed up several times before the editing process on several drives to securely store the images so none are ever lost due to hard drive or computer failure.

How Much will Booking the best Miami Wedding Photographer cost me?


When it comes to booking the best Miami Wedding Photographer, you must be prepared to invest a significant portion of your wedding planning budget. The investment in getting the best wedding photography in Miami will be worth every cent when you receive your photos that are spectacular and tell your wedding day story accurately and artistically. This investment is crucial for a complete and positive wedding photography experience.

Hiring us to provide you with the best wedding photography in Miami is a bargain starting at $5000 for a 10 hour wedding day. Couture Bridal Photography is the best priced wedding photography studio in Miami and offers the best value on ultra high-end wedding photography.

Although celebrities and wealthy well known couples choose Couture Bridal Photography as their Miami wedding photographer, We offer wedding photography packages in Miami most couples can afford. We also offer completely customized wedding photography packages to provide each couple with exactly what they want and need on their wedding day with their specific wedding planning budget.

If you are planning a wedding in Miami, Florida Couture Bridal Photography is the best Miami Wedding Photographer offering the best wedding photography prices that delivers the best wedding day images.

How do I book the Best Miami Wedding Photographer?

The best way to book Couture Bridal Photography for your wedding is to contact us using our Websites contact page or calling 954-399-0741. By contacting us via our website or by phone you will speak to Alfredo Valentine or Sandra Balzola to determine exactly what you may want or need for your wedding day photography and our availability for your specific date.

Upon gathering all the pertinent information regarding your wedding day plans, we will work closely with you to deliver a wedding photography proposal outlining the services you have requested, services we will be providing and the total cost for your specific wedding photography needs. Once all parties agree on the wedding photography services to be provided, a contract, invoice and any scheduled engagement photography services will be confirmed.

Couture Bridal Photography will provide every couple getting married in Miami with the ultimate wedding photography experience from the moment you contact us to reduce stress and anxiety over your wedding planning.


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