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Adventurous brides working on destination wedding planning hire me for their wedding and Boudoir Photography

As a wedding photographer in Palm Beach best known for the most elegant, romantic and timeless wedding photography, I provide bridal boudoir photography as an option for adventurous brides. Brides who desire to have an empowering boudoir photo session will typically request their boudoir photo session take place right before they get in their wedding dress.

Most brides requesting bridal boudoir wedding portraits are usually brides who planned a destination wedding in Palm Beach County, Broward County or Miami-Dade County where I am centrally located in Fort Lauderdale. These brides discovered I offer beautiful boudoir photography and chose me as their wedding photographer while they were destination wedding planning with their family.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir is French, referring to a woman’s private dressing room. It's about a woman's private intimate place that she has all to herself. Boudoir Photography is intimate photography that is meant to show the sensuality of the subject for her own personal reasons. To a woman, boudoir is fashion and glamour photography differing only in that many women who request boudoir photography have never done an intimate photo session before.

Many times women will feel a bit awkward, but with my guidance and posing along with a brides sense of adventure, we will create the most artistic photography that's a perfect gift for the love of their life on their first wedding anniversary.

Bridal Boudoir

Bridal boudoir photography is the same as above but the photos are taken of the bride in her wedding day undergarments and usually include elements of her wedding dress, like her veil, wedding shoes, bouquet and jewelry. Our bridal boudoir photo session may also include the bride getting into her wedding dress to create a story of getting ready for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Many of our brides who fly us out of Palm Beach for their destination weddings also hire us because we are fluent Spanish speakers, which avoids any language barriers. Brides who choose to have their destination wedding in Palm Beach will usually a room block at a hotel where they are hosting their wedding or where the bridal party will be staying.

When the bride and groom begin planning their big day they will likely have several hotel rooms designated for getting ready and the bride should have the largest bridal suite for the perfect bridal boudoir portrait photography session.

Brides seeking more than a standard wedding day photography experience ask me to shoot their wedding day along with bridal portrait sessions after their wedding day when begin their destination wedding planning.

If you would like to discuss you wedding planning ideas in Palm Beach, contact me now.

Location: 2800 S Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL 33480.

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