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As of 2010 there are over six (6) million Asian Indian Americans living in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach making Florida the fifth (5th) largest concentration of Indian Americans in the United States. Asian Indians deserve wedding photographers with the skills and experience to photograph their spectacular multi-day weddings celebrating the union of two families.

As the premiere Fort Lauderdale wedding photography studio, we cater to ethnic weddings especially large multi-day weddings. As wedding photographers based in Fort Lauderdale serving Miami, Palm Beach and Naples, we are particularly suited to shoot Indian weddings with our photography style.

Indian brides and grooms will love our wedding day photography coverage covering every aspect of their wedding of several days. Our top wedding photographers will also create the most spectacular wedding portrait images showing off the colors, joy and excitement only possible during an Indian Wedding.

Indian Wedding Photography in South Florida

Finding a wedding photographer in South Florida that has the real wedding experience to photograph a multi-day Indian wedding can be a challenge for many Indian brides and grooms. If you look at our photography portfolio, you'll see wedding photos from a professional wedding photographer capable of capturing an Indian couples big day.

Our wedding photography style is perfectly suited to shooting weddings at any venue or multiple venues an Indian couple could choose to host their wedding. Our wedding photography style is based on wedding photojournalism (candid wedding photography), but with a very editorial fashion forward flair perfect to capture the magnificence of a traditional Indian wedding.

Indian Destination Wedding Photography in Florida and Puerto Rico

Indian couples and their families living outside of Florida may choose to have a Destination wedding in Florida or Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is particularly popular with Asian Indian Americans from around the United States having Indian Destination weddings in Puerto Rico.

As one of the best rated Puerto Rico destination wedding photographers, we are specialized in shooting Indian weddings in Puerto Rico and being able to create the most spectacular wedding portrait photos at some of the most scenic, yet hard to find locations throughout the Island.

As a Puerto Rican, born and raised in New York City and spending my whole life of 45 years traveling to and from Puerto Rico, I know the best bridal portrait spots some locals don't even know about.

If you're planning an Indian wedding in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere worldwide, contact us now. We want to photograph your Indian wedding day love story!

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