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Knowing the average cost of wedding photography is important to your wedding planning budget.

As you probably might know, the average cost of wedding photography can range wildly in your immediate area. Well what you don't know is the average cost of wedding photography prices can range even wider from city to city, state to state and country to country. The wedding photography average cost in Miami, is anywhere from $1,800 to over $20,000 US dollars. Wedding photography cost is influenced by a variety of factors.

Here is a short list of circumstances that generally influence wedding photography average cos where you live:

  1. Cost of living
  2. Taxes
  3. Insurance costs
  4. Supply and demand - How saturated your area is with those offering wedding photography services
  5. Marketing and advertising costs
  6. website expenses
  7. Equipment repair and upkeep
  8. Cost of utilities - water, electricity, sewage and cable for internet
  9. Fuel costs
  10. Rent or mortgage
  11. Food costs
  12. Business registration

These ten things influenCE the average cost of wedding photography and are general expenses any business would have to pay to cover just the overhead. In order to operate a trustworthy and reliable business a wedding photographer needs a place of shelter, electricity and eat. They also need to be able to travel to wedding photography assignments and require insurance to operate in most venues.

The other factor that influences the average cost of wedding photography have much to do with the photographer offering the service. The first list describes some of the basic necessities that influence the average cost of wedding photography. The following list is influenced by the following:

  1. The skill of the photographer
  2. Continuing education
  3. popularity of the photographer
  4. The wedding photographers style
  5. How much editing the photographer provides
  6. The type of equipment the photographer uses
  7. Employee pay
  8. Editing software subscriptions
  9. How much money the photographer wants to make each year

When further considering the photographer in the average cost of wedding photography you can see that many circumstances influence the average cost of wedding photography. The more popular a wedding photographer is and the higher skill he or she possesses determines how much they feel their efforts are worth. The more brides and grooms that hire a wedding photographer, the more he can charge for his services. Along with the basic costs involved with operating a business, it is easy to see why wedding photography can be quite expensive.

How do we have the lowest wedding photography average cost in Miami?

Couture Bridal Photography has become the most popular wedding photography studio in Miami for the lowest average wedding photography cost without sacrificing the quality our high end clients expect. We can offer the best wedding photography average cost by eliminating many of the factors that influence a higher average cost of wedding photography that other studios aren't able to do.

The factors that allow us to offer phenomenally low photography pricing are as follows:

  1. We only offer on-location photographer services eliminating the need for an expensive studio.
  2. We only use the best photography equipment that is meant to last a lifetime with good care.
  3. We do all our photo editing in-house eliminating additional costs and 3rd party vendors.
  4. We have a passion for photographing weddings and although we limit how many weddings we photograph every year to offer the best service, we aren't expecting to become wealthy
  5. We drive Volkswagen Golf TDI's which are diesel powered getting over 50 miles per gallon yet roomy enough to transport our equipment.
  6. We build and maintain our own website, marketing and advertising to avoid any paid advertising. We get our brides and grooms through word of mouth and organically in Google Searches.
  7. We operate out business from home completely eliminating additional costs for utilities that would be required with a studio or office.
  8. We also have careers outside of wedding photography, so don't rely on wedding photography as a source of income. As an example, Alfredo Valentine lead photographer and owner of Couture Bridal Photography is a retired Firefighter/Paramedic and received a pension.

Our approach to running the most sought after wedding photography studio in Miami has allowed us to be the preferred wedding photographers throughout Miami's most exclusive and popular wedding venues and among brides to be in Miami and from around the world.


Elegant. Romantic. Timeless. We are a group of creative photographers in Broward County with a passion for storytelling. Founded in 2008, our studio has been recognized as the best Wedding Photographers in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida by various publications, websites, and groups. We’d love to meet with you anywhere in South Florida and show you our albums and other print photography products. We can also provide more information on our Wedding Cinematography and introduce you to our team.

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