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Couture Bridal Photography is the Most Affordable top Rated Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photography Studio for weddings at the Ocean Sky Hotel & Resort in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Throughout South Florida soon to be brides and grooms looking for the very best wedding photographers for their weddings choose Couture Bridal Photography. Couture Bridal Photography is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based boutique luxury Wedding Photography studio specializing in artistic documentary Wedding Photography. Unlike most South Florida Wedding Photographers, who merely take scripted snapshots throughout a couples wedding day, we tell a wedding day love story with beautiful images. 

Couture Bridal Photography has not only become the most sought after wedding photography studio in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, The Florida Keys, Naples, Tampa and Orlando, but we've become the most sought after wedding photography studio in the United States. We are routinely asked to provide out unique and distinct style of wedding photography as far as Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Spokane, New York City, Charleston, New Orleans, Chicago, Provo, Flagstaff and Boston for couples seeking only the best wedding photography experience. 

Couture Bridal Photography and the Ocean Sky Hotel and Resort!

Couture Bridal Photography is one of the most trusted and preferred wedding photography studios in the United States most familiar with the Ocean Sky Hotel and Resort. We provide the highest level of experience and knowledge on the North Fort Lauderdale Beach area and are routinely commissioned to provide photography for weddings at the Ocean Sky Hotel and Resort!

Alfredo Valentine, owner and founder of Couture Bridal Photography is particularly familiar with the Ocean Sky Hotel and Resort because he lives a mere 6 blocks away on the ocean. Being so close to the Ocean Sky Hotel & Resort makes Alfredo Valentine the perfect wedding photographer for couples need the most exquisite wedding photography with the most unique backgrounds and surroundings. 

The Ocean Sky Hotel & Resort rates Couture Bridal Photography the best Wedding Photography studio in Fort Lauderdale

The staff, managers and couples who have chosen Couture Bridal Photography as the best wedding photography studio for weddings throughout Fort Lauderdale and at the Ocean Sky Resort. Couture Bridal Photography wedding photographers are artists who utilize cameras as their brushes and wonderful couples that choose us our subjects and canvases. We are also story tellers by nature and rather capture the emotion, and details as they take place than prescripted repetitive photos which leave every wedding looking the same. 

We are also the most preferred Wedding Photographers at the nearby Pelican Grand Resort for wedding photography. 

Call and book Couture Bridal Photography for the best wedding photography in all of South Florida to tell your wedding day love story at the most reasonable prices anywhere!

Location: 4060 Galt Ocean Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308.

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