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Book the top Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographers and Studios serving Miami, Palm Beach, Naples, Orlando, Puerto Rico and Cuba!

Hiring the best wedding photographer in for your wedding is the most important wedding planning decision you can make!

Couture Bridal Photography is Fort Lauderdale's top wedding photography studio with the top award winning wedding photographers and photography assistants!

Couture Bridal Photography is the the #1 wedding photography studio in South Florida. Founded in 2008 by master wedding photographer Alfredo Valentine with 25 years of photography training and experience has a team of the most talented wedding photographers in the United States. Couture Bridal Photography is centrally located in Fort Lauderdale Florida for easy access to all points throughout the state of Florida and Destination weddings worldwide via Fort Lauderdale international airport, Miami International Airport, and Palm Beach International airport for fast travel throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe and South America.

Couture Bridal Photography is internationally famous and recognized as an award winning and published boutique luxury wedding photography studio specializing in wedding photography most described at elegant, romantic and timeless. 

What makes Couture Bridal Photography and it's wedding photographers the top rated in Fort Lauderdale?

Couture Bridal Photography offers the most artistic story telling wedding photography in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding south Florida with a proprietary style of documentary wedding photography with a fashion forward, illustrative and editorial photography style that makes each wedding image appear to come straight out of a wedding fashion magazine. 

Couture Bridal Photography has become the Fort Lauderdale wedding Photography studio brides and couples choose over any other studio or photographer in Fort Lauderdale by offering the most extensive wedding photography coverage using second photographers that double as assistants on each and every wedding. Additionally, Couture Bridal Photography has the highest standards for wedding photographers as well as limited wedding photography commissions throughout the year to keep each wedding photography assignment a very personalized experience from beginning to end. 

Couture Bridal Photography is the leader in wedding photography not only in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding South Florida, but one of the top wedding photography studios in the United States, Caribbean, Europe and South America. Couture Bridal Photography has the best reputation among wedding industry publications, photography publications and professional wedding photography organizations worldwide along with being the most preferred among brides seeking fine art documentary wedding photography!

How much does it cost to have Couture Bridal Photography photograph my wedding day?

We at Couture Bridal Photography value and appreciate the varying budgets of various couples planning a wedding. Not every couple can afford wedding photography in the $4000-$8000 dollar range nor are some couples willing to pay that much for wedding photography. Typical wedding photography throughout Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach starts at just under $2500 with a little more to travel to the Florida Keys, which we love and points north. Wedding Photography assignments outside south of Key Largo or North of Port St. Lucie require an overnight stay after the wedding. As energetic as we are at Couture Bridal Photography, we work really hard during a wedding day and trying to drive 2 hours plus after being on our feet and running around photographing your wedding day isn't safe. Destination weddings throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Cuba and south America get discounted to help alleviate the expense of airfare, accommodations, and meals. We love to travel and work very closely with each couple planning a destination to make it as affordable and provide the best value. Destination wedding photography assignments get additional services, such as rehearsal dinner coverage, Pre-wedding photography (Engagement Photography Session), Full wedding day photography coverage, and day after wedding photography for up to 4 hours for dramatic and powerful wedding pictures throughout the destination you hosted your wedding. 

We also create custom packages to fit each couples budget to give you the most wedding photography coverage for your hard earned dollar!

Included with any and all wedding photography assignments is full edited image delivered via personalized password protected wedding picture gallery, Flash drive with all your wedding images, 15% off prints and all GraphiStudio products and complimentary engagement wedding photography session.

No other Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer or studio offers more for your money.

How many photographers are there at Couture Bridal Photography? What is your availability? What about 2nd photographers?

Couture Bridal Photography has 2 lead wedding photographers Alfredo Valentine, who is the founder and owner of Couture Bridal Photography and Giovanni Gutierrez. We only accept a limited amount of wedding photography assignments a year that we shoot as individuals or as a team. Alfredo Valentine has an assigned wedding photography assistant, who also doubles as a 2nd photographer and so does Giovanni. Should you want two lead wedding photographers those requests can be fulfilled and Alfredo will team up with Giovanni to shoot your wedding day. Alfredo's Wedding Photography assistant AJ Knapp, who is also a 2nd photographer is currently working towards becoming a lead photographer and by late 2017 will be the 3rd lead wedding photographer at Couture Bridal Photography offering our unique documentary wedding photography with a fashion forward, illustrative and editorial flair.

Our availability fluctuates throughout the year and some months or seasons are busier than others. Call us at 954-399-0741 or email us for our availability. Alfredo and Giovanni both have wedding photography assistants, who are very competent photographers working toward mastering weddings and lighting in order to deliver the top wedding photography in Fort Lauderdale, and are 2nd photographers. 

Is Couture Bridal Photography Insured? Are you welcome at all venues?

Couture Bridal Photography is a professional wedding photography studio that is fully insured as most wedding venues and resorts that host weddings require. As a matter of fact our business liability insurance exceed the requirements of most luxury wedding venues such as the Breakers Palm Beach, The Biltmore, Pelican Grande Resort and many others around the world. Couture Bridal Photography is welcome everywhere and is the preferred wedding photography vendor at many of South Florida's and Puerto Rico's wedding venues. Also note that you the client have the ultimate say on who your wedding photography is provided by. Many wedding planners, event managers, hotel managers and catering managers get paid hundreds of dollars by wedding photographers and wedding photography studios to refer them. Personal financial gain and greed may be the motivating factor for a referral or restricting any of your personally chosen wedding photographer or wedding photography studio choice. Keep in mind that you booking a venue have the final say with the power of your wallet to get the top wedding photographer or wedding photography studio to capture your wedding day whether the venue prefers, refers or restricts. 

Couture Bridal Photography is the Top rated source for Fort Lauderdale Brides and Couples Seeking the Top Wedding Photographers and Studios throughout Fort Lauderdale, surrounding South Florida and the world for the best documentary wedding photography known around the world as elegant, romantic and timeless to provide you with the most exceptional artistic story telling collection of wedding pictures capture throughout your wedding day!

Call Couture Bridal Photography now for special savings on wedding photography anywhere in the world!

Location: 401 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304.