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Wedding Photography Prices And Packages

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Wedding Photography prices vary among photographers. Typically Wedding Photography pricing is presented in three formats among the majority of Wedding Photographers:

  1. Pre-arranged Packages
  2. A La Carte 
  3. A combination of A La Carte and Packages

As a professional Photographer with over 10 years of experience and hundreds of weddings in different regions, I've been able to see what works best for most clients. Some clients prefer a pre-arranged packages while others prefer A La Carte. My personal preference is to provide A La Carte Photography and then allow clients to recuperate financially from their wedding and honeymoon before ordering a book.

Whether clients choose to go with a pre-arranged package or A La carte is based on their personal Wedding Photography budget and personal preference. If you'd like to see our personal photography rates, please click here.


Wedding Photography Packages 

We offer 3 different Wedding Photography Packages: Each comes with the following:

  • Myself (Alfredo Valentine) or Giovanni Gutierrez
  • A photography assistant to help with lighting, organization throughout the day, and help with bride & Groom
  • An online password protected personalized Wedding Photography Gallery for six (6) months
  • your collection of images culled, edited by hand to our distinct style and delivered within 6 weeks.

The difference in Wedding Photography packages are as follows:

  • The hours of Wedding Photography (6, 7, 9, 10 hours)
  • Each Package has a specified size album, with varying page quantity 
  • Some Packages include a second lead photographer (Giovanni Gutierrez)


Wedding Photography Assistant

Wedding Photography assistant is crucial for me to provide the quality and style of wedding photography you have chosen me for. They assist me with setting up lighting, handle lighting on clients, and they do a bit of light wedding photography as well. My wedding photography assistants are truly the unsung heroes and make many of my best images possible. The benefit to you as a client is the additional angles you get during the ceremony and reception portions of the wedding day. 


     The Personalized online password protected Gallery you will receive is the most efficient way to deliver images to my clients. The gallery link and password will be emailed to you to access your gallery where you can view, download and purchase a variety of prints and canvases. The online gallery you receive will stay active for a period of 6 month, during which time you are free to share the access and password with family and friends. You are also free to download your images to print at locations of your choice, but I can assure you, the printers I have chosen for the printing your images are the best in the business.


    Your personally edited high resolution images are delivered via the previously mentioned Personal online Gallery. The process in which wedding day images are edited can vary from photographer to photographer, but I will explain my personal approach handling clients wedding day images.

       Upon completing a clients wedding day photography I begin the back up process. I back up all the images in folders marked with the clients names. I then create a second back up on a separate hard drive as well. When a clients images are backed up across two 8 TB hard drives, I begin to upload the images to cloud storage. I then store the memory cards with the clients images and begin the editing process.  At this point a clients images are backed up in four different locations. 

The editing process beings by culling (removing out takes, blinking eyes, turned heads, etc.). I then process each image individually to our unique and distinct style. The edited process is completed and images are again looked over for additional missed out takes, turned heads, etc., before being exported to high-resolution .JPG images.


A La Carte Wedding Photography Pricing

I totally get not wanting a Wedding Photography Package. After all for most people a wedding is a big investment. If you're a young couple and paying for your own wedding like many, A LA Carte Wedding Photography may very well be your best option. 

I encourage couples to get A la Carte Wedding Photography. I love keeping in touch with my clients and putting together a beautiful book six months after life has returned to normal means having a little more towards an heirloom wedding album. 

A La carte Wedding Photography comes with the following:

  • AN assistant for lighting, light photography and help with bride and groom
  • Password protected personal online photography gallery
  • All images personally edited and delivered within 6 weeks
  • Discount code for print purchases and Discount on Wedding albums

Best Grande Oaks Preferred Wedding Photography & video

      A La Carte Wedding Photography is a great option for most people. You choose how many hours of Wedding Photography coverage work best for your specific wedding day plans and budget, plus you can add a variety of options. Some options couples choose to add to their a la carte coverage are:

  • Rehearsal or rehearsal dinner coverage
  • Engagement Photography Sessions
  • Wedding Albums
  • Parent Albums
  • Trash the Dress Photography Sessions
  • Purely Bridal Photography Sessions
  • Bridal Boudoir Photography Sessions
  • Discounts to apply for any or all of the above Services and products


Wedding Albums

I exclusively offer GraphiStudio photo albums. Made by hand in Arba, Italy by true artisans,  they are the highest quality albums with the most innovative designs, materials and printing. GraphiStudio represents the very same pride and commitment to excellence that has made Couture Bridal Photography, the most preferred Wedding Photography Studio in South Florida, Puerto Rico & Destinations Worldwide.

  Graphistudio Photo books come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to suit any taste. They also offer a variety of price points to meet any budget, while still offering the best quality, styles and options to please the most discerning client. 

  Please call me to schedule a viewing of samples either before your wedding or after and I will provide you with a quote for each style of book that sparks your interest.

Engagement Photography Sessions

I love Engagement Photography Sessions. Engagement Photography sessions are the perfect way to set the tone for your upcoming wedding day. Engagement Photography sessions also provide an opportunity to become familiar with Giovanni or I (Alfredo Valentine) and become used to being photographed. During your engagement photography session you'll also become familiar with being directed on how to look your absolute best which provides a less stressful wedding day. Engagement Photography sessions also provide and opportunity to build trust and a relationship with us. 

Engagement sessions can take place anywhere, including before the wedding day on destination weddings, typically called Pre-Wedding sessions. Pre-wedding sessions are a great way to get prepared and have casual photos taken before wedding day and become familiar with us. Many clients who book me for Destination weddings never meet me until we arrive at the destination location. Our contact is usually by phone, text, email and Skype. For more information on Engagement or Pre-wedding photography please contact me, I will answer all your questions.


Wedding Photography Upgrades

When it comes to Wedding Photography there are a variety of options and additions you can add to create the wedding day photography that suits you best. Here is a list of upgrades and services you can add to your wedding photography Packages or A la carte Wedding photography:

  • Engagement/Pre-Wedding Photography Sessions
  • Second Lead Photographer
  • Bridal Portrait Sessions
  • Trash the Dress Photography Sessions
  • Additional hours of Wedding Photograph coverage
  • Additional Wedding Photo Albums
  • Parent albums
  • Prints, Canvases & Metal prints
  • Bridal Boudoir Sessions
  • If it's not listed ask, I can do just about anything photographically


Why aren't your prices not listed on my Website?

This is a great question that does get asked quite a bit, actually. I don't list my pricing because no two weddings are alike. Some weddings require travel and others require flights, accommodations, and rental cars. I prefer and am known for providing my clients with customized quotes based on their specific need, budget and vision, which provides a more personalized approach to wedding photography pricing and packages. 

  I will state that my Wedding Photography coverage starts at $1,200 for elopements and intimate weddings with the average nicely appointed wedding photography package pricing starting at $3200.00. 

Contact me for a free personalized consolation and quote for you specific Engagement and Wedding Photography needs.

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