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The best wedding planning tips and wedding photography advice in Fort Lauderdale

As one of South Florida's premiere Wedding Photography Studios, we like to work closely with each couple to make sure they have the most spectacular Wedding day and receive the best Wedding Photography experience they can during their South Florida Wedding day.

Although we are a south Florida based boutique Wedding Photography studio, these tips apply to any wedding anywhere in the world. We offer destination wedding photography worldwide and routinely travel throughout the United States, Caribbean and South America including Cuba on exciting destination wedding assignments.

Best known internationally for our unique artistic documentary wedding photography with a fashion forward editorial approach, we pride ourselves on providing some of the most creative engagement & Bridal photography throughout South Florida's most popular wedding venues, resorts & Hotels, as well as some of the most exclusive luxury wedding venues in Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca raton, Delray Beach, Town of Palm Beach, Wellington, Jupiter and Naples.

The Best tips for planning a South Florida Wedding !

1. Plan around possible bad weather on your wedding day!

When considering a wedding date google historical rainfall recordsand see what chance of rain your may or may not expect. Historical rainfall records don't offer 100% predictability of rain or inclement weather on your chosen wedding day, but its accurate enough to know whether your date is likely to get rainout or not. This is incredibly important if your planning an outdoor wedding.

South Florida and the Caribbean can be especially rainy during certain times of the year. Additionally, ambient temperatures in June, July, and August can be almost unbearable throughout the South, so although rain can put a damper on your wedding day, so can heat and humidity.

2. Wedding day Timelines are important when planning a wedding

A wedding day timeline is crucial to keeping your Wedding day running smoothly. A timeline for your South Florida Wedding can be especially important if your having a ceremony at one location and reception at another. Traffic, distance and the unexpected can make for added stress during the wedding.

A big consideration sometimes overlooked when creating a wedding day timeline is taking into consideration the amount of time needed by your South Florida Wedding Photographer and videographer. Wedding Photographers typically need a little time to arrive a various locations to capture different elements and portions of the wedding day that require additional travel time and set up.

This also applies to hair and makeup artists who may have to make last minute adjustments and changes to accommodate late arriving bridesmaid and family.

Having a timeline that works with your south Florida hair and makeup professionals along with your wedding photographer will make your day smooth and less stressful.

Keep in mind the more time your Wedding Photographer has time to work with you and get from place to place the more amazing your wedding photography will be.

3. Choose your wedding vendors wisely

Choosing vendors can be a challenge when planning any wedding whether in South Florida or anywhere worldwide. Many couples find and helpful at looking for wedding vendors, but these may not be the best place to look!

Unfortunately, and don't always look for the quality and performance of a vendor and rely on the ability of wedding vendor to pay for placement as criteria for being listed. Also reviews from these websites can be filled with fake reviews from friends, family and fake email addresses. When seeking a wedding vendor search google with their business names and see what you find. Also if you see they have an extraordinary amount of reviews for the amount of time listed be suspicious.

I personally found a Wedding Photography Wedding vendor on that had only been listed for 2 years, yet had over 300 reviews. Considering there are only 52 weekends in a year they were shooting 3 weddings every Saturday and Sunday. The problem is they listed themselves as an individual wedding photographer, not a Wedding Photography studio.

We also discovered another that had been stealing wedding images from other photographers and passing them off as themselves. They were also not delivering clients images and videos. They received complaints that were found online, yet continued to list them even with many poor reviews.

Couture Bridal Photography does not participate in paid advertising on Weddingwire and the Knot. We list our business under their free vendor accounts to gather reviews honestly from past and present brides and grooms.

Alfredo Valentine, owner and principal Photographer of Couture Bridal Photography is listed on

A listing on cannot be paid for, and admission is by application or invitation only. This is the best source for finding a quality proven Wedding Photographer anywhere worldwide and only lists the best Photographers from around the world.

The best way to find the perfect South Florida Wedding vendor is to ask your venue and Wedding Photographer. Venues that host weddings really want you to have the best Wedding day experience so that you can recommend them, and Wedding Photographers routinely work with a variety of Wedding venues within a given region. Being a South Florida Wedding Photographer with a successful South Florida Wedding Photography studio, we can offer honest and concise recommendations on vendors of all kinds that we have worked with.

4. Your wedding planning budget

Planning a wedding is an investment not an expense. A South Florida Wedding is an investment on the most important celebration of your life and you should have a clear idea on how much your are willing to invest before choosing your wedding date, venue and any other vendors necessary to create the wedding celebration you wish to host.

When considering your budget you have to consider what elements of the wedding day are most important to you. My personal considerations are Venue, Food, Photography and music.

Your guests are going to remember the venue and its decorating, how amazing the food was, and the great time they had dancing the night away. The bride and groom are going to remember everything they took place during their south Florida Wedding because of the images that captured the fleeting moments, the emotions and every detail along your wedding day.

Photography which is the most important element to a successful wedding day is subjective based on the couple, but most would say that Wedding Photography tops their list of Wedding day necessities. Wedding Photography is generally 10% of the Wedding day budget, but can vary depending on how much appreciation for photography and/or how much importance a couple places on their photography along with how many hours of coverage they want.

The majority of couples who book South Florida Wedding Photographers elect to have the whole day photographed to capture the getting ready of the bride and groom, Ceremony and reception. Among some of the more popular services couples request from their South Florida Wedding Photographers is high end Wedding albums and professional prints.

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