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Tips on finding the perfect Wedding venue

As one of South Florida's most sought after wedding photography studio's and photographing hundreds of weddings from Key West to Daytona Beach Florida and as far away as Los Angeles and Boston, Massachusetts, we decided to offer a few tips on finding the perfect wedding venue'

I am going to make this a little more in-depth because choosing a wedding venue for your wedding day, may be more than just a location to host your wedding reception. Depending on the type and style of wedding you plan to host.

I noticed that most publications don't always mention that your wedding may included 3-4 different locations. I would consider a wedding ceremony taking place at a church or synagogue a wedding venue, as much as I would a wedding reception hall, ballroom, or outdoor resort rooftop or lounge. I feel that each location where guests will be expected to attend and gather a wedding venue, and I think it's a good way to look at from a wedding planning and budgeting point of view.

What kind of wedding are you hosting or envision?

The kind of wedding you want to host or envision is all about personal taste and budget. South Florida has a variety of wedding venues that include, hotel resorts, wedding halls, theaters and golf clubs. Many couples choose the beach and even parks to host their weddings, which are surprisingly amazing. I have photographed a few back yard weddings in Loxahatchee in Palm Beach county that were spectacular. So when thinking venue be creative.

Are you going to have a wedding ceremony at a place of worship and wedding reception at a different location?

Many couples have oceanfront wedding ceremonies in South Florida and wedding receptions elsewhere. When you decide to do this, consider parking, distance from one place to the next, and can your guests make it across the sand at a beach or distance in a park.

What venue is the best type of venue for a wedding reception?

There is no best type of venue. The Breakers in Palm Beach is an amazing wedding venue, but can you afford $300-$400 per plate and the $30-$100k price tag for a wedding there. Is the W Fort Lauderdale Beach at $150 a plate more reasonable for 100 guests. Do you want a more casual wedding at Delray Sands Resort at $80 a plate. Can you decorate the venue the way you'd like or maybe you want a beautiful outdoor wedding at Morikami Japanese Gardens. Choosing a venue is about vision and budget, and personal taste.

Something to consider on wedding day?

When looking for a wedding venue and ceremony locations, don't forget about where you and your significant other are going to get ready. I personally feel that a wedding day story starts with the getting ready portion of the wedding day and being able to get ready in a roomy location with lots of light and without clutter makes for some of the best photographic story telling possible. Even if you plan on getting ready at home take the time to declutter and make room so you can have amazing photography during the time where emotions are running deep and magic tends to happen.

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