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Learn more about the wedding venues we've photographed weddings at for other brides and grooms

As a Fort Lauderdale wedding photographer, we get to photography in a lot of different wedding venues. Not only do we shoot weddings at Fort Lauderdale wedding venues, we also photograph weddings at wedding venues in Miami and Palm Beach. Each wedding venue has its own feel along with plus and minuses. These will be out personal thoughts on these wedding venues and we might suggest changes we would have made. In any case, your wedding venue choice has a lot to do with your style, guest count and budget. We don't have prices for these wedding venues, since I am sure so much goes into how that is calculated.

Check out these wedding venues and well be adding more venues with photos and our opinions. If you want to see more wedding photography, click here. If you want to start at the beginning at the home page click here.

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