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As the top Wedding Photography Studio in South Florida, we help with your wedding day timeline

One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding in South Florida, is creating a wedding day timeline. The wedding day timeline is crucial to a successful and stress free wedding. Not only is the timeline to your wedding important to your family and guests that will be attending, but its extremely important for the bride, groom and bridal party. Having everyone on the same timeline allows everyone to get ready when they need to and allows for the proper scheduling of wedding day hair and makeup for the ladies in the wedding party.

Even more crucial to your wedding day is having a timeline that allows enough time for your wedding photographer and videographer to capture the footage they need to create the spectacular images and video you expect of your wedding day.

What is a wedding day timeline?

A wedding day timeline is the schedule the bride, groom and bridal party follow to plan the days events. from waking up to the end of the wedding reception every aspect of the wedding day should be schedule to keep an orderly flow to a wedding. This also allows every member of the wedding party to know where they should be and where during the wedding for hair and makeup, photography along with any traditions that might be followed by the bride and groom.

The wedding day timeline is also extremely important for the photographer, videographer and dJ to know when crucial moments of the wedding will take place and most importantly when the hair and makeup teams will begin working on the bridal party and bride.

Having a good wedding day timeline will allow the bride and groom to feel less stress during the wedding day knowing when and where they should be at any given time during the wedding day.

How to create a great wedding day timeline?

The best way to create a great wedding day timeline is to start by finding the best time for your wedding ceremony. It is extremely important to research the sunset time on your anticipated wedding day prior to setting your date. It's also very important to look up the historical rainfall for that given day. Knowing how much it historically rains on a given day and what time the sun sets will give you the best options for choosing your wedding day.

Once you have your historical rainfall data and sunset times which give you the best chance for a dry day, select a time that allows your wedding ceremony to end an hour before sunset. This gives your wedding photographer and videographer the best light to work with after your ceremony for wedding portraits and video highlights of just the bride and groom.

Once you have the ceremony time set you've automatically created the best time for your guests cocktail hour and perfect light for wedding portraits. Now you can work backwards and figure out what time you and your bridal party should begin their hair and makeup.

Couture Bridal Photography is the only wedding photography studio that offers brides and grooms with wedding day timeline assistance for their south Florida weddings when they book with us for the ultimate stress free wedding day.


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