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Capturing the most special moments during your wedding day, even funny wedding photos!

As a wedding photographer, my purpose is to document the days events and interactions between everyone attending the wedding. Of course, the focus is on the bride and groom, but capturing everything that takes place during the wedding day is what makes special moments a lifetime of joy, even the funny wedding photos.

During the course of a wedding, we tend to capture people attending the wedding as well as part of the wedding behave and do things that are funny. Sometimes the person is naturally comedic, other times people do funny things when they are nervous. We make sure we capture everything with great candid photography to deliver the most comprehensive wedding photography coverage in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach.

Candid Wedding Photography captures wedding ceremony comedy

During this wedding the flower girl was naturally funny and playing it up for the groom and wedding guests as she walked up the aisle to join the bridesmaids. She rocked her little hips left and right exaggeratedly in her dress and at the last moment turned to face everyone, as if "who are you looking at?" with a beaming smile that had everyone laughing. This moment broke the tension of the wedding ceremony right before the bride as to make her way down the aisle to her waiting groom.

This image is definitely made it into this beautiful brides and grooms wedding album.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer that will capture every special wedding day moment, even the funny moments with great photography, contact me now!

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