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Couture Bridal Photography
Couture Bridal Photography


I can remember my very first website in 2008 when I decided to launch my photography business. I had started it using WIX, because I really didn't know much about SEO and how important a website's content would affect search results. I eventually    moved over to another Photography oriented website which was better, but I still didn't see much traction or phone calls as a result of my website showing up in searches. 

It wasn't until about 2014 where I finally started to understand what makes a website effective. I began using wordpress and applying the little SEO best practices which finally showed some better results. I also learned what makes a website an effective tool for a small business like mine. 

Towards the end of 2014, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and this was the best and worst thing that could ever happen to me. After having surgery to remove tumors from my bladder and undergoing Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy, I finally had a ton of down time and took the time to research and truly learn the ins and outs of not only SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I learned what actually makes a website work effectively to bring in business. 

What makes and effective website?

An effective website provides information for someone seeking a specific service or product. The more informative your website is the more likely Google is to provide your website to a person searching for your service or product. By using informative content and property keyword use, your website will attract the clients you wish to serve. 

Who do I use for my website?

I still use wordpress for most of my websites since I have several. My main website for Couture Bridal Photography is on Good Gallery. Good Gallery is the most powerful and fastest website a creative can use. Additionally, Good Gallery makes every image a page for potential content and keyword usage. This makes Good Gallery the most effective website optimized for SEO. 

Location: 2301 SE 17th St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.