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Amazing Bay Area wedding photographers you should hire for your wedding day!

I came across this Bay area wedding photography studio through a facebook group that shares ideas and information to provide brides and grooms around the world with the best wedding photography services and best practices. I checked out ShootAnyAngle.com, to look at their photography and loved the style and approach to photographing weddings.

Husband and Wife Wedding Photography dynamic

The best part about hiring this wedding photography team is the fact that they are husband and wife. Having photographers able to know who is doing what, where, why and how without speaking a word is an amazing advantage during the typical hectic wedding day. I know this first hand because I shoot weddings myself exclusively with my girlfriend, who also doubles as my studio manager. We developed our own way of communicating with just visual cues and knowing what each other is thinking, which helps us to anticipate special moments or challenging lighting conditions. The best part is knowing that if our bride and groom are getting ready in different locations, we are each confident in each others abilities to capture the most amazing moments without fail and more importantly with consistency.

Beautiful heirloom Wedding Photography

So going through James and Angelas wedding photography portfolio, I really found their aesthetic to be bright, crisp and colorful with realistic skin tones which I personally enjoy looking at. There couples also appear very in the moment and very natural, which makes it hard to tell if they were posed or photographed uninhibited. I love wedding photographers that can capture moments as they happen, or when necessary set the stage for natural moments to take place. This ability shows off their experience, technical ability and trust they gain with their couples. James and Angela, have a really beautiful wedding photography style.

Bay Area Wedding Photography Prices and Packages

Although I am based in South Florida, I cater to a high end client base and when I saw ShootANyAngles.com pricing page, I was flabbergasted. They have pricing that truly meets the needs of a wide variety of wedding budgets. I also loved the way their pricing is map based and is specific to certain venues and locations. This is genius!

Considering the high cost of living in California, the high average income, you can't find a better deal on really high end wedding photography like what James and Angela offer. I am a believer in, "you get what you pay for", but after looking at their pricing and their package options, this is by far the best wedding photography pricing in the Bay area, you'll ever find!

Final Thoughts

If I were planning a wedding in the Bay area, I would hire ShootAnyAngle for my wedding photography. A husband and wife wedding photography duo, really beautiful and stylish wedding photography that is fun, vibrant and natural and amazing pricing make them best choice and value on a Bay area wedding photographer or studio.

Oh, and the photography is really amazing! Visit their website and see for yourself and contact them for your Bay area California wedding!