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Couture Bridal Photography: Planning a Wedding

Couture Bridal Photography offers some advice on "Planning a wedding" in South Florida or anywhere!

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and complicated. For most people this will be their first time getting married and getting started can be the hardest part. I'm a Fort Lauderdale based fine art wedding photographer that has been a part of many weddings. There have been times where I became part of the planning process, and the relationships I build with my couples makes me a trusted member of their wedding day. 

I'm a wedding photographer, so I will tried my best to write an easy to read guide to planning a wedding.

Planning a Wedding: Where to begin?

The first thing to consider planning a wedding is where will it be held and what kind of wedding do you want? Planning a wedding starts with where will your wedding be hosted? Are you interested in a Destination Wedding? Are the important people in your life able to travel to your wedding if you live in a different state? or host a destination wedding? Planning a wedding begins by thinking about location. Once your figure out where you would like to host your wedding, you can move on to the second most important aspect of your wedding. I know your thinking budget, budget, budget, but we will get to that, since I feel it's the third on the list and you'll soon see why.

Planning a Wedding: How many guests do you want to host?

This is the big wedding planning problem maker. Once you and your soon to be bride or groom sit down and start putting together a list of people you want at your wedding you will find yourself arguing. Most people develop a big circle of friends and acquaintances that they work closely with or grew up with and will feel bad about not inviting someone from place of employment or someone you grew up with but aren't as close as you were. This is the wedding planning challenge since not only will you have trouble figuring out who to invite and not to invite, this is where you start to think about budget.

Planning a Wedding: Budget

Planning your wedding budget is a challenge. and this is where you also start looking a venues based on your guest count. So now you know where you want to host your wedding and have an estimate of guests attending, so planning a wedding budget will start to tie into the equation. When contacting venues and meeting with catering managers of venues you will discuss cost per plate. When planning a wedding reception you have to consider food, beverages, desert, and additional food items such as Hors d'oeuvre's during the cocktail hour. I personally have seen receptions with cocktail hours start at $50 per plate to over $500 per plate. So planning a wedding reception takes into consideration your location, your guest count, and cost per plate. This is just the beginning to planning a wedding.

Planning a Wedding: Colors & Decorating

The next objective in planning a wedding is picking your wedding day colors. This is a very personal aspect that you and your mate will have to discuss. The colors you choose will help dictate the mood and feel of your wedding. The colors you choose when planning a wedding will be used for everything including save the dates, invitations, flowers, decorating and groomsmen and bride maids attire. Remember the colors you choose will set the tone and mood for your wedding. You will be using your wedding colors for your save the dates, invitations, table settings, and brides maids and grooms mens attire and accents. In South Florida, I always recommend Dream Occasions Floral Design & Decorators for any floral and decorating needs. Jorge Mercado is the most experienced and talented Floral Designers and Decorators for any size wedding or event.

Planning a Wedding: Photography & Video

When you begin planning a wedding, its very important to consider a pretty generous investment towards photography and video. Your wedding photographs and video will be the only treasure of memories you have of your big day to relive with your spouse. Every other aspect of your wedding is either consumable or temporary. Through your photographs and video, you can go back and relive the moments throughout your day, and listen to the music during your first dance. I offer very competitive wedding photography pricing as well as video to make sure your memories are captured for a lifetime. Photography and video is not the area where you try to save money, because if you do unfortunately you will most likely be disappointed. Another pitfall is having a friend or family member offer to photograph you wedding. Think of it this way, they probably take amazing photos, but how experienced or skilled are they at capturing a wedding day, and how can they be a guest and your photographer. The most common things that happen are they take horrible photos because they don't have the skills, experience and equipment to properly photograph a wedding or many moments are missed because they get caught interacting with other family, friends, and guests.

Planning a Wedding : Save the dates and Invitations

So you received your engagement photos and you want to make save the dates. Well there are several options to choose. You can find a professional stationer of go online to wedding paper divas and several other websites. You typically purchase save the dates, invites and thank you cards as a set. Surprisingly the paper goods can become pretty expensive, but they set the mood for your wedding day and should reflect the style or theme of the wedding you planning.

Planning a Wedding: DJ and Live Music

Choosing a DJ or a band for your wedding depends on the style and theme of your wedding. Your DJ or band will entertain your guests and create the fun atmosphere. If your dealing with a DJ they most likely will provide your accent lighting, or should be able to. I have the best DJ's in South Florida and when they aren't available I have a company I refer everyone to. They know how to keep a crowd going and provide all the lighting necessary for a wedding.

Planning a Wedding: The Timeline

The timeline of your wedding is crucial to a planning a wedding. It is important to remember that a wedding planner is creating a timeline from the guests point of view though. Many wedding planners forget that there is photography and video that needs to be taken to capture your day and create a wedding day story. It is important to find a wedding planner that will consider creating time for individual portraits, as well as bridal portraits and family portraits in your wedding day timeline. Your timeline should be put together with you, so that you can incorporate all the aspects of your wedding day without feeling rushed. It should also allow for a small amount of flexibility should there be any delays or if things run a little faster. Just keep in mind there is no such thing as an on time wedding, because of so many variables no wedding will run perfectly on time.

Planning a Wedding by Couture Bridal Photography

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