Learn Photography from beginner to Advanced with Alfredo Valentine in-home and on-location in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach


Photography is more than just pointing a camera in the direction of your subject and pressing the shutter. Photography is understanding how your SLR camera works, Why it works and how lenses, lighting and composition work together to create an image. I have been a student and enthusiast of photography for 24 years with 8 years working as a successful award winning published wedding, portrait & lifestyle photographer.

My approach to wedding photography is different from most other photographers in that my focus is on knowing my gear, practice and understanding the abilities and limits of my photograph gear. As a visual and hands on learner I realized early on that scientific theories, and technical knowledge had nothing to do with taking beautiful photos, it was understanding what my camera was capable of and my creative vision that mattered most. 

Contact me to discuss your needs from learning how to use your camera and what every thing means to advanced lighting and composition. I will guide you to your own creative place and lead you in the direction where you can evolve as an artist.

Basic Photography Lessons $50.00 an hour

Basic Photography lessons cover the following and vary on your personal knowledge:

Camera functions - Aperture Priority (AV), Shutter Priority (TV), Program Mode (P), Bulb and Manual

Basic Terminology - Exposure, Shutter, F-Stop, ISO, Bokeh, Vignette, Rule of 3rds, Golden Ratio, Golden Spiral, Triangle

Photography - Application and Relationship between ISO, Shutter Speed and F-stop

Exposure - How to properly expose an image, under exposure, over exposure, how to get the best exposure

Intermediate Photography Lessons $75.00 an hour

Shooting in Manual - Why it's the usually the best practice

Lighting - Introduction to off-camera flash and best on-camera techniques, Advanced Natural Light photography (Window Light, Open Shade, Full Sun, reflectors, Understanding how to use different light sources and why?

Composition - Leading lines, Subject Isolation, Depth of field selection

Advanced Photography Lessons $100.00 an hour

Advanced Photography is 90% advance lighting. Using Video Lights, Using Strobes, Soft boxes, Grids, balancing Strobe/Flash with ambient, Color correcting Gels, working with reflections, Advanced composition, Managing Shadows & Highlights


Learn Lightroom $25.00 an hour

I am an exclusive lightroom User. I will teach you the following:

How to properly work within Lightroom

How to properly use Lightrooms Cataloging system

How to use Lightrooms Editing tools

Advance Lightroom Editing techniques 

Photography has more to do with understanding the elements that create a beautiful picture than talent. Having a creative vision and visualizing what you want to achieve helps, but practicing with your camera and understanding how light, composition and lens choice work together to create and image offers more value that talent. 

Photography is an art. One can never master something that is meant to evolve and change with time. Mastering the tools used to create art is possible with practice, time and basic knowledge.

Call 954-399-0741 or use the contact form to contact me for a photography lesson consultation. Lets discuss where your at, what photography gear you have and where you wish to be and do with your Photography.

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