Maternity Photography Prices


Here you will find the pricing on Maternity, Gender reveal and birth photography services in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach, Florida. 

My approach to Maternity photography is to highlight the excitement and beauty of life's most incredible miracles, Child birth. During the 9 months that a woman is pregnant with a precious life growing inside and the emotional bond that is created is one of life's wonders that should be highlighted and photographed to one day show the joy, love, sacrifice and excitement a mother had for their children when they grow older. 

maternity Photography sessions include the following:

maternity Photography session, Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Pricing Per hour: $400.00

Maternity Photography by Alfredo Valentine

Birth Photography Sessions

Please call to discuss birth photography session and rates. Being that I have to be on standby to respond to where your going to give birth, as well as permission from doctors and varying hospital policies on photography Birth photography sessions need to be thoroughly planned in advance. 

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