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I am a fort Lauderdale based wedding photographer that specializes in Artistic Documentary wedding Photography, Dynamic Lifestyle Photography, 

In spite of how you may spend your time with your wedding photographer, it's very important to understand what motivates me as your Fort Lauderdale and Destination Wedding Photographer.



I am part romantic and part story teller. I am sensitive, yet fearless in my actions. I believe in love, commitment and most importantly, Honesty. My approach and my passion to photograph weddings is driven my hearts desire to document love stories with deliver an artistic collection of elegant, romantic and timeless wedding pictures your family with cherish for a lifetime.

As we share this very personal journey together throughout a wedding day, I am not only capturing moments from the perspective of your family and friends, I am putting a bit of my heart and soul into every picture. Every image I capture, is a representation of what I feel at the very moment I press the shutter of my camera. I am in a constant search to capture fleeting moments that stir emotion and wonder throughout your wedding day.


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I strive to photograph every detail possible throughout your wedding day. PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE DETAIL AND DECOR OF YOUR WEDDING day documents the planning, effort, sacrifice and commitment to creating the background and foreground to your wedding day story. Beautifully detailed photos of shoes, dress, tux, rings, table settings, and venue provide the mood, style and foundation of a great love story.



The passion to evolve as an artist and treat every wedding as a new canvas. As a Photographic artist cameras are to me what brushes are to a painter. I approach each wedding photography assignment as an artist being commissioned to create a painting or a sculpture. I stand out among most Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographers because my motivation is to create art. 

I am not motivated by how many weddings I get hired to photograph? each year or how much I stand to make for each wedding? or if I should be compensated more for what I do? My only motivation is my heartfelt passion for telling stories with epic fashion forward documentary wedding photography with a fine art approach. 

The only other motivation is to evolve as an artist and provide a unique wedding photography experience to every couple that entrusts me to capture their wedding day. 


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As a believer in the blessings and God's gift of love, it's with great honor that I Capture love in it's purest form with beautiful wedding pictures to last a lifetime. The ability to capture raw love in the form of a nervous brides smile, a single tear of a mother as her son or daughter reads their vows, or the look on the face of a groom when his eyes meet his brides for the first time on wedding day is my reminder of what love is and should be. 

Photography is my art~ Wedding Photography is my passion!


I began my journey into photography at the age of 16 with my dad's Canon Rebel G Film Camera, which I still have. I studied photography as a minor in college and all the while photographed everything I could starting with film. It was an 18 year exploration into the art of photography, as an advanced photography hobbyist before discovering my passion for wedding photography in 2008.

I have been photographing weddings throughout Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, The Florida Keys and destinations throughout the US and Caribbean since 2008. 

I offer a unique personal style of artistic documentary wedding photography with a fashion forward flair. I capture moments as they take place and I gently guide you for artistic wedding portraits on your wedding day. My wedding images are an authentic collection of photographs that tell a wedding day story and represent the actual you.

IF THE ABOVE RESONATES WITH YOU, AND MY Wedding photography touches you, I'd love to chat. 

Thank you, 

Alfredo Valentine - Wedding Photographer


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